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by Brian Dickenson (Age: 82)
copyright 05-17-2005

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This is not written to offend, they are just questions I can't answer.

The older I become the more question's I have, and fewer answers.
Things we are taught, such as love our enemies. Not hate them. If this is the case, why do we constantly dredge up the past? Obviously the past is just that. Is this what is meant by the sins of the fathers?

Does the end justify the means? It would appear so.
We invaded Iraq because they were presumed a threat, because of those WMDs.
Our governments had no solid proof they existed, but Iraq did have oil.
Will Iran be next to be 'freed'? The sabre rattling has all ready started, despite denial by our governments.

Of course now the official line is we did it to rid a country of a dictator, and bring in democracy.
If we are to bring democracy to those nations who do not have it. Where do China and Korea, and many other countries fit into the scheme?

We entered conflicts to stop the spread of communism, as in Vietnam and Korea.
The result of that was that many companies made a great deal of money, some of which had been going to the wall before that.
Of course, Russia, who were the biggest threat, are now mostly rid of communism, in fact they are big trading partners.

Those nations that believe in monotheism, and claim the same God, appear at odds as to what God meant them to do.
They war in the name of their God, claiming right on their side.
The priests of both sides exhort their soldiers to slaughter in the name of God.
How can this be right?

We are sickened on a daily basis by the horrendous things we hear and see on our news channels.
Large parts of Africa appear to be doomed, with Aids, starvation and ethnic cleansing wiping out vast numbers.
We in the main give lip service as we eat our three squares a day, in our air-conditioned comfortable homes.
Of course, we do donate to charity, mostly things we would have thrown in the bin.
Untold millions are suffering. If we question our holy men, we are told that God moves in mysterious ways.
The question I ask, is why should this be? Is he not supposed to love everyone?
When I asked my local vicar, all he said was I should have faith.
I asked him should it be blind. He declined to answer.

I could go on, just as we all could. However, its time to stop.

I have decided to add a few more questions.

If God is all powerful, all loving, all forgiving. How can Satan and hell exist? If they do it must be because God wants them.
If he is all forgiving why would none believers be consigned to hell?
The priests tell us that God visits punishment on sinners. What sin has a baby who dies committed.
Endless questions, no answers.

A few more.
Why would a caring loving God create, Mosquitoes, Intestinal worms. Fish that enter your body when your in the water. Any and all of the viruses that kill or cripple us. Harmful bacteria.
Another endless list.

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        03-06-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

Hi Brian,

Oy veh, what questions!

I love my enemies because I need them to keep me strong, I think of my enemies as competitors, by wishing to win, we keep each other strong. Of course ,in this context love means appreciate.

The ends do justify the means, but the ends are usually not understood, and/or misstated.

Might makes right, so we only go after those countries where we have the edge on might.

In reality right and wrong do not exist, except in the imaginary minds of human beings.

Faith is blind in the context that if you believe yourself to be right you must press on with your objectives in spite of any and all repercussions.

God and Satan exist in the imaginary minds of human beings and God meaning good is defined in terms of the devil meaning evil, just as cold is defined in terms of heat.

God exists inside the mind, nature is external and above mind, so nature created all life forms.

My mind's imaginary opinions.

Great questions David. I loved this, totally thought provoking. Each one of us will have different answers according to our environments throughout life.


        03-03-2006     Brian Dickenson        

I guess David that once again we can agree to disagree.
I as you know, do not believe in a God, Christian or otherwise.
However, I have found that most people need to find someone or something to blame, or praise, whichever it is. Probably why there are so many lawyers in the world.
It makes one feel better knowing that the fault does not lie with us.
Of course there is no solid proof that anyone has come back after death to prove or disprove what we think.
As I have said before, one day we will all know, or not.

        03-03-2006     David Pekrul        

So many questions and so few answers! Who has all the answers, not me, that's for sure. I do know that God loves us. I do know that He came to earth to pay for all our sins. I do know that Satan is here because he rebelled against God and now wants to drag us all down with him. I do know that God allows this because He created us with free-will. He wants us to worship and honour Him because we want to, not because we have to.
And I ask the question: Heaven belongs to God. It is His dwelling place. Why would you automatically expect to be welcomed there? What have you done to deserve that privilege? What has any one of us done to deserve that privilege? NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! But God loved us enough to sacrifice His only Son to pay for our sins, so He can welcome us there.
I'll quit preaching now. You certainly have asked a lot of good questions. I just wish I had all the answers.
But, as the scriptures say, "I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to take that which I've committed unto Him, against that day." In other words, I have committed my life to God and know that I have been saved from Hell by the sacrifice of His son.
Keep writing these works that make us think, Brian. If we don't keep asking, we don't keep living.

        08-15-2005     Shannon Walter        

this was a very good story Brian. i'm looking forward to more good workd from you!

        07-27-2005     Debra Rose        

CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN! I am happy to announce that you have been chosen as the featured author in CoW! A link to your page will appear on nearly all of the columns put up for next month! This is a new feature, I'm happy to tell you that you're the first winner! CONGRATS ON WINNING!

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        05-17-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I have many questions, but one stands out, If we give to the church, so that they can help the needy servents of the lord, why is it that the Catholic church is the most welthy entity in the world? Why do they ask for donations to buy more property and Investments? Your questions are real and I wish I could give you an answer! Anthony

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