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Life's Heart Beat

by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 06-01-2005

Age Rating: 1 +

The wind sifts calmly through the trees,
rustling leaves, providing a gentle melody
to the soft inhale-exhale pattern of breath.
In and out, in and out, the melody of life and all
it's glory.
Peace settles delicate hands upon the moment
as a purple blossom flutters
to the ground by my legs,
dancing up and down as if tracing the pattern of
silver lined clouds
in the clear blue sky ahead.
The breeze dances and spins,
carrying the tune of laughing children from
over the hill,
running on their blacktop school ground,
free from the troubles of the world--
protected by a strong wire fence
and the even stronger walls of their
The world spins in the little sector
I have claimed for the moment.
In and out, the air flows through lungs.
Life taken
One heart beat at a time.

(If anyone can think of a better name, feel free to give it! :) )

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