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The Amish Life

by David Pekrul
copyright 06-27-2005

Age Rating: 7 +
The Amish Life

The Amish live a simple life,
As when our nation began,
They shun the modern way we live,
Which is all a part of their plan.

A simple home and garden patch,
A horse and buggy for travel,
No freeway covered in pavement,
Just a lane-way covered in gravel.

We often speak of the good-old-days,
When life was simple and free,
While they are living the way it was,
The way they want it to be.

While we are caught up in ‘progress’,
They are working the land,
While we are fighting for what we can get,
They're living as friends, hand-in-hand.

At times I envy the Amish,
(Though I love all my comforts in life),
They live in a world of bygone years,
And we in a world of strife.

Some day I will visit the Amish,
And learn of their faith and their ways,
But because I am part of the modern world,
I'll come just to visit, not stay.

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        08-29-2005     Michael Sigel        

You do know, while we're mocking them, they're laughing at us? People are so ethnocentric, it's really sad. I really like your poem though, especially the end.

        06-27-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

They do live life as our great grandparents did. I sometimes wish I was living that life......Na, wheres my playstation? Anthony

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