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The Licker

by Paul Kangas (Age: 27)
copyright 06-28-2005

Age Rating: 13 +

Mariah, lying on her bed, in her bedroom, the door slightly open. She would look forward. She stared at the ceiling. The radio was on at a low volume. Mariah was bored tonight, really not knowing what to do. Her parents were going out to a dinner party but Mariah was really anit-social. More of a good nerdy girl. She hated the fact that her and her parents lived all the way out in the country, but yet at the same time it was peaceful, quiet, almost to quiet... Mariah would then lean forward and tilt up and change the radio station. "We interrupt this program to tell that Henry J. Ford, a dangerously mass-murderer has escap-" Mariah changed the station and then simply just turned off the radio. There was really nothing good on at all. Suddenly someone came from the entrance of Mariah's door, it was her mother, Kim, dressed this stunning black dress. She would look gracefully at her daughter and smile.

"Your father and I are going to be leaving now," she said.

Mariah would get up off of the bed and walk past her mother.

"Okay mom," she said as she began to walk down the stairs.

"Well are you sure that you are going to be fine?" asked Kim.

Mariah would roll her eyes. Her dog Sparkle would come running in the room.

"Yeah," she said. She hugged her father. Kim came down the stairs looking somewhat concerned that Mariah would be okay while they were gone.

"Bye Mimi," said Mariah's Father. He would then grab his wallet and the keys and both him and Kim would simply walk out of the front door and leave. Mariah would go out onto the porch, watch them get in the car, and leave. She would remain on the porch for a moment. She would cross her arms and look out into the night, the corn field. The sound of the night seemed so peaceful and quiet, yet almost scary at the same time. It was incredibly dark out with the moon only half full. Suddenly, jump... Mariah's eyes widened. She thought she had saw a black figure jump in the mist of the night, in the corn field. Mariah blinked her eyes for a moment and then took a deep breath. She would return inside and lock the front door. She walked into the kitchen and looked out the window. She bit her lip lightly... Oh Mariah, stop... she thought to herself, and then smiled.

Later on that night, Mariah was alone in the basement, on the computer, on the internet... The lights were shut off down there (because the light had burned out) so she really couldn't see anything accept the lighted computer screen. Her dog, Sparkle, was underneath the desk, laying. Suddenly, Mariah felt a lick on her foot. She smiled and without looking, leaned her hand down to pet Sparkle's head.

"I love you too," she said. She would then return her hand to the keyboard and type for awhile.


Mariah jumped up. She thought she had suddenly heard something coming from upstairs. Like a stomp or something. Just remember, this is an old house she thought, now kind of scared to be alone in a house out in the middle of no were. She would take a deep breath and slowly, but surely, walk up to the main floor. She would then grab a kitchen knife and prepared to walk up the stairs...

Mariah took a few steps forward, walking slower up the stairs. Her heart was beating really fast and she was taking deep breaths and sooner or later, she made her way to the top of the stairs. Before her, lied three rooms. A bathroom, 2 bedrooms, and a closet. She would slowly twist the knob open for the bathroom and walk in. She pushed the shower curtain back and saw that no one was there. She would go into the first bedroom, which was her parent's room. She looked around, under the bed, and then the closet. No sight of anyone, or anything. She then looked in her bedroom, nope, no one at all... and then to the closet. She would then open it and suddenly, jumping out, was her cat Mynx!

"AGH! You scared me!" she cried, and then started laughing. Mynx ran into Mariah's bedroom. Mariah rolled her eyes and walked back downstairs, and into the dark basement were the computer was. She returned to her seat and continued surfing the web and checking email. Suddenly, another lick had touched her leg from underneath the desk. She would smile and reach down and pet the head. "Oh Sparkle," she said. Screech, screech. Suddenly she heard a noise coming from the closet. She would jump up and quietly walk over to it. "Mynx?" she called out. She came closer to the closet and then, next to it, turned on the light. She took a deep breath before she would open it. Within a few short seconds, Mariah would open the closet and to her suprise, their, hanging on a rope, covered in its own, deep red blood- Sparkle, her dog, her best friend. Mariah let out a gasp. She covered her mouth and at that moment in time, she realized, it wasn't her dog that had licked her foot!!!!

"Oh my God!" she cried. She would turn around quickly and see that under the desk, lied the horrible, disgusting, truly evil man, with long greasy wood brown hair, with eyes as red as hell, and gross pale skin, pale as snow, pale as ice... He looked so evil, so unforgettably evil. He would stare at her for a moment, looking her right in the eye, licking his lips, but his eyes... Oh those eyes, were truly horrible and hideous! Mariah would cover her mouth and saw as his eyes had begin to widen, just screaming to harm her, kill her. Mariah would suddenly jump back and begin running up the stairs. He charged at her, grabbing her foot and biting it.

"AGH!" cried Mariah as tears drenched down her eyes. She kicked him in the face and pulled herself up. She ran up the stairs and onto the main floor of the house. She ran through the kitchen and grabbed the same knife she had before. Mariah quietly ran out into the backyard. She would then run up to a shed and hide behind it. She caught her breath and leaned up against the shed stiffly, so scared and terrified. Suddenly, she saw coming from down the highway, her parents in their car! Mariah would let out a smile and begin running toward the front yard, but not aware that he was right behind. He would grab Mariah by the throat and pull her back.

"Nooooo!" cried Mariah, dropping the knife. He yanked her some and through her to the ground. Her parents pulled up the driveway but were unable to see her beacuse she was on the other side of the house.
The man would grab the knife and get on top of her. Mariah punched him in the face and he stabbed her in the back.

"AGH!" screamed Mariah. She got up and began running toward the front of the house. Her parents got out of the car and began walking toward the porch were the front door of house was. Mariah would come from sideways, behind the bushes ready to yell for her parents. At this point she could see them, but they didn't look left to see her. She let out a gasp as the man coverefd Mariah's mouth so she couldn't scream. He would then grab her by the throat and pull her back. He stabbed her once more, this time in the arm. Tears fell from Mariah's eyes as she watched her parents enter the house, not seeing her but she wasn't going to give up, No- not that easy! She jammed her elbow into his stomach and yanked forward, releasing herself from his grip... She would run as fast as she could and onto the front porch.

"DADDY!!!!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

The psychotic man would gain rage and anger to his eyes and charge at her once more, but within seconds her parents would come out. Kim dropped her purse and screamed.

"GET OFF HER!" she cried.

The man would lick Mariah's face and then speed off into the forest.

Mariah's father, Barry, would come out with a shot gun but the man had already charged off into the night.

"WERE THE HELL DID HE GO?" screamed Barry.

"He ran off!" cried Kim as she took Mariah into her arms. Kim broke down and began to cry.

Barry picked up the telaphone and dialed the police.

Within minutes and ambulence and a Police squad would arrive, and soon enough, the psychotic man, Henry J. Ford was captured once again. Mariah was in critical condition but survied and is now okay. However, Sparkle had died and shall remain in Mariah's heart forever. Mariah couldn't understand how sick some people were, but then again it can be a sick world out there, and she hated that, but what she hated even more, was the fact that he had licked her foot would always, and forever, remain in her mind.

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