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Twilight Fairy

by Stephen Washam
copyright 07-06-2005

Age Rating: 7 +

When purple twilight starts to fall
The nightingale begins to call
And as its song it gently sings
A wondrous sight it always brings

Softly through the still of night
On sparkling wings in graceful flight
She comes drifting through the trees
Dancing gently on the breeze

Oh fairy maiden lightly fly
And pirouette ‘cross twilight sky
Gathering moonlight in your cup
With one quick scoop you fill it up

A pinch of stardust that you’ll find
With angels breath it is combined
Mix it with the morning dew
And make your wondrous fairy stew

Then with the rising of the sun
Home you fly to your little one
Who welcomes you, arms open wide
To eat the meal which you provide

And there within the forest deep
You cuddle up and go to sleep
But you will waken without fail
When softly sings the nightingale

As light of day begins to fade
And evening starts its serenade
I’ll wait to see your dance so airy
Lovely little twilight fairy

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        07-09-2005     Roger Crique        

This poem, I'm sure, was a challenge to write, most fairy poems are. I think this poem contains some beautiful and magical lines. The fifth stanza is weaker than the rest and I would say, "Dancing gently with the breeze," as opposed to, on the breeze.

        07-08-2005     Jennifer Simpliciano        

Fairies - love it! I love this poem! It's really cute. I wish a fairy would come up to my window one night, hehe. Really good work. Keep it up!

        07-07-2005     David Pekrul        

This paints a wonderful picture of fantasy. A great poem to read to kids at bedtime, yet good for adults as it takes them to a place of innocence.

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