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by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 07-11-2005

Age Rating: 13 +

I have the sigil of my pagan god
tattooed on my body.
Is that appropriate to you?
Am I still "lost" to you?
Do you think that I'm not a good person
because my belief doesn't follow
along with you?
I don't believe in your book
of myths, passed down
and interpreted beyond
Does that make you angry?
Do I shake your shell of existence?
Am I outside of your
spectrum of understanding?
Or do I insult you
because I like girls?
Are you determined that its a choice?
Do you think I choose to be hated?
Here's a task.
Sit down and try to be gay
Choose to be gay.
Does it work?
Are you too godly to allow yourself
to be proven wrong?
Will you shut up for two seconds?
Why the hell are you still talking?
You remind me of why Columbine
People like you
should have been shot in your youth.
Raising children to be bigots
just like you.
Didn't you get the memo?
Hate is NOT a family value.
Why the hell do you speak,
when it only reveals your ignorance?
Do I scare you?
Am I un-American to you?
Because I demand my freedom of pursuit
of happiness?
My freedom of religion?
Because God KNOWS, our Deists founders
Ignorant tart.
Was slavery appropriate to you?
Are Muslim's all terrorists to you?
Are gay's all offensive to you?
Why are you still talking?
You idiot.

FYI: YES! Our founders were Deists. THAT MEANS THEY BELIEVED GOD MADE US AND JUST FORGOT ABOUT US! We're here, there's no such thing really as divine intervention. God just kinda made us, said "Play Nice" and kicked back and left us alone. So no, they were NOT Christian. Our country is based on FREEDOM OF and yes FROM religion! Not this puritanism total right BS. George Washington, ALL OF THEM, were even by todays standards, LIBERALS!

And for those of you who still demand to think Christianity is the "basis of America"? We never use "God"...we use "Their Creator" in the constitution, insinuating each and every persons individual belief of the Creator and whatever name he/she/it/they live under.

So swallow that pill, right wing IDIOTS *Pants*

Sorry everyone! I LOVE YOU!

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        07-24-2005     Paul Kangas        


This is such an intense and completely true poem. I strongly dislike the way some people can be... it really hurts me sometimes... Well anyway I give 5 points for this. Great piece of poetry. Keep up the incredible work!


        07-24-2005     Rene Laris        

Wow, Debra
Lot of feeling and explanation in this poem.
Hard to swallow immediately. It made me think of some righteous Christians I know, who not long ago were unrighteous. Now ....they make judgment as they have hidden their bones. Freedom of choice and what those choices are...are in the eyes of the beholder.

        07-23-2005     Jack Curson        


I have always been a fan of your work. I believe that you have an excellent talent. I will not apologize for others actions, this is there C-H-O-I-C-E and there are consequences for such things.

I am a man of FAITH and associate myself as being Christian. We all have faults and are subject to selfless acts, it is part of our nature.

But just as a comment, not all our founding fathers were Deists, but you are correct some were. And these men were figures in history with a great and grande idea that we as a current people have strewn and torn apart for our own individual ideals.

It is amazing what CHOICE and ASSUMPTIONS can do to the ideas and attitudes towards persons that create a small comfortable reality to live in.

I am thankful for the opportunity to agree to disagree with my fellow man, because it is a "freedom" we all take for granted.

        07-23-2005     Jean George        

A poem full of pertinent questions that skillfully turns things back on those who wish to define 'family', 'love' and 'patriotism' on their own terms and only on their terms...they will never stop talking but maybe others will begin to question what they say....A well written, focused and well deserved diatribe against the so-called conservative 'God-fearing' talking heads.

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