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Ignorance is in the Following

by SamiJo Mcquiston (Age: 30)
copyright 07-20-2005

Age Rating: 10 +
Ignorance is in the Following
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In a darkened temple, begot in bitterness,
Fought over for centuries in the name of God.
I stood looking at their sadistic depiction of Him.
Is that how anyone should be remembered?
Bleeding to death, beaten, and subdued in grief?
This man they call their Savior is remembered that way.
Not as a happy, loving man, but as a scapegoat for our sins.
Whether I am Christian or not doesnít even matter,
I see noting but a painful and cruel memory,
One that we are wrongly forced to live again and again.
So bask if you must in the deception called religion,
But wallow in his happiness, donít worship in his blood.

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        08-06-2005     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

I question God but, I believe most of the time. I think of a religon as a confert, but I would like to know but, I believe that we should never know. I have thes topics in my poems but , I don't except a answer. religon is hope for all people. So people can keep going. That's what I believe. All the same I really like your poems!

        07-25-2005     Paul Kangas        

This poem has left me speechless.. I honestly don't know what to say >.< Good write though. Very thoughtful.

        07-24-2005     Stephen Washam        

You have brought up something many don't remember, that in addition to being a savior, Jesus was in fact also a man who lived and loved. Thank you for the thought provoking write. Take

        07-20-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

You raise a good question. I think its to scare us into being good. If you don't, you might see the same thing, sort of thing. You know what I mean.Good write and let me know if you get the answer! Anthony

        07-20-2005     David Pekrul        

It is important that we understand that it is only through the death and resurrection of Christ that we can have true communion with God. Having said that, however, I repeat "death AND resurrection". There is a picture I saw once of Christ being lifted up into heaven while his followers looked on. That is the picture of Christ that I like to hold dear. He didn't just die to pay the penalty for our sins; he was resurrected to conquer death.

        07-20-2005     Debra Rose        

"Wallow in his happiness, don't worship in his blood"

That is the most amazing line I think I've ever read about religion. I always used to ask my mom why no one takes him off the cross yet. I think the image is disgusting...why remember the most grotesque act? Why not take him off the cross, and take responsibility for our own sins. It's time we let him guide us, not die for us. Then again, that's my opinion on that matter.

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