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Why The Willow Weeps

by Stephen Washam
copyright 07-24-2005

Age Rating: 4 +

Come listen my darling if you'd like to know
The very sad tale of a tree long ago
And what has become of that tree still today
For letting its vanity get in the way

Down by the river that flows deep and blue
A beautiful plant called the Willow tree grew
Beside the cool waters each bright sunny day
With the other fruit trees it would gather to play

Of all of the trees bearing fruit fresh and pure
The Willow thought it had the greatest for sure
The fruit of the Willow was tasty you see
Juicy and plump it was sweet as could be

The Willow said “My fruit is surely the best”
“It’s clearly much better than all of the rest”
It soon was filled up with such a smug spirit
Other fruit trees couldn’t stand to be near it

They told all the fairies who lived in the wood
And asked them for help with this mess if they could
The fairies then spoke to the smug Willow trees
And asked them politely if they’d stop it please

The Willows just laughed at the fairies request
Saying “You are all jealous ‘cause we are the best”
Now everyone knows fairy magic is feared
The Willow trees fruit very soon disappeared

And never again has the Willow trees root
Been able to grow even one piece of fruit
So there by the river its secret it keeps
And that, dearest child’s, why the Willow tree weeps

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        08-07-2006     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

What else can I write that the others have not?
What can I say that they haven't forgot?
What meter, what rhyme, what talent you have!
I'd try to write one in return but it would surely be bad!

You're just THAT DANG GOOD!!!

Just like my Aunt BJ... I like Willows too and wrote about one here...

Well, I love reading your works, for every one of them reminds me why I never want to miss the next. :-)

        08-07-2006     BJ Niktabe        

Excellent write! I love willow trees, and this seems to do them justice! I agree totally with Jean regarding the moral, meter and rhythm. The rhyming is superb! Great job!

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