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Little Red Wagon

by David Pekrul
copyright 07-24-2005

Age Rating: 4 +
Little Red Wagon
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Little Red Wagon, bright and sleek,
Racing down my sidewalk street,
A little horn that goes beep-beep,
Driving my Red Wagon.

I drive my cart around a curve,
I see a bump and try to swerve,
I go too fast and lose my nerve,
Driving my Red Wagon.

When I am big Iíll drive a car,
Iíll go real fast and drive it far,
But until then Iíll ride my cart,
Driving my Red Wagon.

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        07-12-2006     BJ Niktabe        

Awwww...this is so cute! I didn't realize you had a poem by that name. This makes me remember my brother and I with our Radio Flyer. We had a red peddle tractor that we could hook up the handle to. Him being older, he got to drive, but I enjoyed taking in the scenery on those 'long trips!' Thanks so much for the reminder.


        07-24-2005     Roger Crique        

This is just adorable! Every child should have the pleasure of reading this poem. Absolutely magnificent! Imagery to boot and the flow is overflowing with wonderment and excitement. It immediately reminded of the 1992 movie, "Radio Flyer." Great job, David!!!

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