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25 Point Policy--A bit more In Depth

by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 07-26-2005

Age Rating: 1 +

I'm sure all of you have noticed the new policy on docking points. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here. So before we get started, let's get some assumptions out of the way.

1. No...PnP has not become the new Third Reich of the online writing community.

2. We are not going to go through your comments with a fine tooth comb. We really don't have the time for that, and it's about as interesting as counting the fibers in a square foot of carpet.

So now that those two are out of the way, you're probably wondering how to avoid the deduction. PnP you need to understand, we are a literary site. We do not rate a work because "I like who they are" or "They're too young to know better" or "I never give a low rating". We are here to improve. No matter age, race, or anything. This isn't saying be an English teacher and pick every little detail apart. But be honest, no matter the age. We pride ourselves on the fact that anyone of any age can come learn and improve, in a setting that is both fun, friendly, and honest, no matter who you are.

Also...PnP is NOT a blog site. Endless ramblings about the days events are NOT appropriate here. If you want to do that, go to xanga or livejournal. They are not welcomed here.

Here are the things that will get you into trouble:

-Perfects on works with clear, EXTREME grammatical errors (such as using punctuation like: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! instead of just ! ), no attempts at spell checking, and in dire need of help. (REALLY, you guys...a few minor errors we won't notice. We're talking about the extremes)

-An incredibly low rating on a work that has no major errors, an average higher score, with no explanation of why. (If you can't afford the points, then don't score. By scoring lower, you lower the average, and make it look like a lower quality work).

-Playing favoritism (giving VERY LOW MARKS on all works but yours and your families/best friends/certain few people). That means, if I were to say "Andrew, you suck today, so Anthony is my new best friend" and gave Anthony all fives, and Andrew all ones.

Another problem that we would like to see change is the use of THIS TO MAKE THINGS STAND OUT over this. I know we're all guilty of this, but it is something that not only looks more professional, but is more gramatically correct.

We do understand that some of the younger authors don't understand how to italicize or make things bold. That's all right. As we said, we're all here to learn. ALL OF US. So keep their age in mind. It is all right if they do that, but ultimately, we want to show them how. So think they don't know? Then give them a hand.

Isn't that easy?

Still worried? If you ever are in risk of being docked, you will get a warning, as well as the reason why. So you won't be seeing any sudden missing points, without notification. Basically, two strikes you're out. And even then, if we see you trying to improve after the warning, or if the timing is far enough apart, you still most likely won't get docked. This is a deterrent that we are reluctant to use, but if it is needed, we will use it all the same.

Hope this explains.

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        10-15-2005     Haley Schild        

good job

        08-24-2005     Paula Tsvayg        

Thanks for this, it really clarified everything.
I can give you a 5, because the only times you used html was to show other people what you meant. I was a bit confused at first (not with your article, but with the policy), and I appreciate the fact that you posted something like this.
I also really appreciate that when you make a comment and it says that 25 points can be deducted, there is a small link that says 'here's why'.
thanks for your time.


        08-15-2005     Robert Betts        

Mike, that may be somewhat valid for members, those who know each other, assuming horrendous misspellings, grammar, etc. are not being overlooked. Content is not everything.

If you look at the bottom left, you will see that we have far more visitors on-line at any given time than we do members... Now... I ask you... If you were a visitor, would you seek out the works that are rated with one star, those considered to be the poorest at PnP... or would you seek out the one rated with 5 stars to read?

That is one major reason for a rating system Another is to help people improve... or perhaps to send them the message, "Don't quit your day job." Improvement is not possible if you start at 5 stars for everything you write. A 2 or 3 lets you know that you need work. There are many works dumped on PnP that are never edited. The owners, creators make it clear that they don't really care. Any author, who expects to be the least bit succesful knows that he writes for his audience, not for himself.

Theoretically the vast majority of works should be 3 stars... average. The 1 star's should be the occasional terrible work. 5's should be reserved for truly outstanding work.


        08-15-2005     Mike Macdonald        

I focus more on what I have to say about a work and give points depending on how much it affected me. I didn't realize praise points had such a profound effect on the work's reputation or whatever on the site. So what's the rating system supposed to be? Can you elaborate on the net value of one point or three points?

        07-28-2005     Debra Rose        


Seeeeeeeeeeeee (LMAO) even in the article and the comment I naturally lean towards THIS over this. I gotta change that. I look stupid because of it (I mean in this article).

I think it's okay on comments. Comments aren't literary. They're comments...

Don't ask why I'm typing this comment, though. I think I'm very bored

        07-28-2005     Kat Voletto        

Thank you so much Debra. I feel so bad for making myself look so silly on the previous post about this. People like me need a lot of clarification I guess, lol. This is a great idea, and I'm glad it got implemented. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, so very much.

        07-27-2005     Andrew Findlay        

Thanks again for the clarification. Bob e-mailed me and also explained it. At first it did almost seem like the 'Third Reich', but now I realize it's not as restrictive as I first thought it was. At first I imagined that comments would be highly scrutinized and that if it didn't meet exactly with what the approver thought it should be, then it would smack down time. I actually got a warning before I even knew about this new policy, so I was extra nervous when I read about it.
Oh, and thanks for using my name in your example and on the example in a comment you made in Bob's article. I always like seeing my name in other people's work. It makes me feel like I've made a difference.
Ironically, you would have got five points if it weren't for your capitalization of complete words(other than when you intended it for the example you gave)-this statement was sort of meant to be funny, and I hope you don't think I'm just being sarcastic or something. You know me...I have to find the humor and irony in everything.

        07-27-2005     Brian Dickenson        

Thank you for this most helpful and lucid explanation.
It has answered the questions that I was about to ask.
I never thought for one moment that you were the Third Reich, although you you would probably look ok in the boots.
Thanks, Brian.

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