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Space between us

by Roger Crique (Age: 61)
copyright 08-31-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

It is more of an intriguing theme to me,
to continue to ask the questions of our beginning and end.
Answers to these questions will never be complete,
for the questions we've been asking since the dawn of man,
were intended to keep us humble.

We should not know it all;
Lest we think we created ourselves.
In this vast and inhospitable place,
We connect with the farthest away.
For our collective dream,
is to reach for the grandeur of space.

In due time, a curved line appears straight,
thus revealing the infinity of our thoughts.
So is our union with the divine,
infinite, unending and unexplored,
challenging our beliefs and peace of mind.

We will never reach the pinnacles of wisdom,
for we have a long way to go.
Yet in the infancy of our stage,
we surely know what we are not
and what we are, we will never know.

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        09-11-2005     Delaney Lindley        

A really deep write. I think this was a little confusing but probably because my head hurts. Seems like something you could ponder when you were high or simply had nothing better to do. Good write.

        09-06-2005     Regina Pate        

Do you think that we are God collectivly? Why did you say if we knew it all then we would think we were. If we knew it all and thought we were that must mean that we really are or atleast you think so. maybe. I dunno.

        09-04-2005     Sam Hackel-Butt        

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Einstein. The reason I'm mentioning this quote is because of the fact that imagination has no limits where as knowledge does. With imagination, we have quite a few plausible causes for whom created whom. I also mentioned the quote, because I see many similarities between your poem and what Einstein said. You are both right. A curved line does appear straight after awhile because we accept it as always being straight, thus reaching the limit of our knowledge. We will never discover what we truly are unless we take it easy, enjoy this phase of our development, and the next coming after this body becomes old, and fail, and then we start the cycle all over again, gaining a piece of the puzzle. How long this chain goes on, one can only imagine. Thank you for writing this, and giving me something to think about.

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