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My Broken Heart

by Eleni Makarios
copyright 09-05-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

When I see you
with your new girlfriend
I know it's true
that it's the end.

And I know I must
adjust now
and finally allow
this heart to mend.

This heart of mine
was yours
and I thought
"us" was fine

But I was wrong
and now
I no longer

When I see you
kissing your new girlfriend
I know it's true
that it's the end.

I hope you're happy
and you're carefree
because I'm not
and I mean
this anger
a lot.

And a
broken heart
is what makes
us human
in the end.

But why won't
mine mend?

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        04-21-2007     Christina Johnson        

Good poem, Elena you talk about broken hearts and how it feels to have your heart broken by many men. But when your man has another woman and he wants to break up with you that doesnt mean that you have to get jealous about you or stuff you need to move on and let them be. And let them be and stop chasing him after him.

        11-26-2005     Anne-marie Hewlett        

Love it, love it and oh look, I love it. You could have titled it When I see (I know)...but it's just an idea.

        09-09-2005     Jane Lee        

This is a great poem. I like these types of poems. The grammar and spelling are perfect.

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