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Goldwater, The Only Real Choice

by Regina Pate (Age: 38)
copyright 09-06-2005

Age Rating: 18 +

You never get a second chance to make a first.

Impressions and suggestions

Pretty faces makeup cases

hair, and nails, clothes at Bealle's

Is that beauty that you see
or camo for the ugly in me?

Is a tiger still a tiger if it's stripes are hid?
Does the darkness turned to light if you put on the lid?

Do not judge me by my political philosophy

Calling it like it isnt does not make it anymore true. 

And not calling something that it is doesnot make it any less.

Peace through strength, yes, but not peace at any length 


Vote Barry Goldwater for President, go vote without apologies 

Like a Boss

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        03-27-2017     Jacqueline Ives        

Great to see a new poem here. It is well written and well expressed. I like particularly the first line. There are a few typos. Not too sure about Goldwater -or is it a cryptic reference to your present situation? But I am a Brit, we have our own troubles and, as you suggest, we are all entitled to our own opionions.

        05-23-2007     Cortney Jaruzel        

I don't know why you refered yourself as 'ugly' but you're most certainly not. Something about your writing drags my attention towards it. I'm not sure if it's just the way you write it or what.. but I like it a lot. You're a beautiful writer, and that makes you beautiful.

        05-25-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

This is a good poem, I wouldn't say "genius" but still good. Your message is stronger, and it less of a already-been-played poem. Once again, capitals would be nice. Now about my opinions on the poem itself. It's not whats on the outside that matters, it's your heart, mind, and intentions that judge whether a person is good or not. No matter how beautiful somebody is on the outside, there's always the chance it's only skin deep. What's the point of looks, if under the skin only hate lives? Anyhow, I enjoyed reading this poem. It's more distinguishing than the last. Good work, keep writing.

Leigh of the Commenting Crusaders

        05-04-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

More genius,
Your philosophical insights and the way you place them on paper and translate them to my heart are pure genius.


        04-30-2006     Judy Meeker        

I see a sweet smile in your photo also, and the fresh face of a clean American girl in whose eyes shine the joy of life and love.
May God bless,
Mrs. Tigran Isrealyan

        09-11-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

When I look at this picture I don't see material things. I see a sweet smile and a loving heart! Yet that is what John Wayne Gacy's victims said too! Just kidding, reading your work gives us a glimpse into your heart and I feel safe there! Anthony

        09-09-2005     Jack Curson        

Expanding on the real you letting people know to not just look at the cover of the book. Excellent, great positivity.

        09-07-2005     Sage Bruce        

cool. The flow is great this would be a wonderful poem to hear at a slam. Sort and sweet, too.

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