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~"The Pastor's Page"~

by Jeniffer Brand (Age: 47)
copyright 09-18-2005

Age Rating: 7 +

What was it that you saw in me when you looked into my eyes?
Could you tell I was a stray and that I was living in lies?

You knew when you first met me that something wasn't right.
And as the years flew by you never left me out of your sight.

Finally giving in I slowly started to trust you.
"She'll find her path", this "God" already knew.

I knocked on your door and shyly asked you for guidance.
Not knowing one day I'd look up to you for reliance.

You just took me by the hand and gently showed me the way.
Even gave me a Bible, and a book, which shows you how to pray.

Since then you've become my mentor, my spiritual rock.
And opening that door to me, whenever I knock.

In this I'm young, naive, and dumb, I have a long way to go.
But what you're really doing for me you may never even know!

I do believe there's a reason we met.
It was "God", this I finally get.

Just don't leave me now, no matter how much the strain.
It's you I trust, and the "Lord" that I will gain!

Thank you!

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        09-12-2013     Regina Lehman        

The words to your poem are beautiful is about trust in a pastor who led you to the Lord when you first came to him he did not judge you for your sinful deeds,but he treated you just as any other person just like Jesus would have done he welcomes everyone just the same.

        10-09-2005     Regina Pate        

Thank you for sharing your new beginnings and for being so honest, I am sure it will help others along the way, he will help you if you let him, I can see you know that and I am glad. Good luck!


        09-19-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Faith is very powerful and once found can be a great catalyst to greater things. This is a nice poem and I enjoyed the read! Anthony

        09-18-2005     Roger Crique        

You're missing a few commas in a few key places and I would not use quotation marks for effect, it interrupts the flow. Aside from that, this poem is very powerful in it's delivery and eloquence. It clearly visualizes the struggles that the author has gone through and it makes a valiant attempt at recognizing that life can be hopeful, if one looks in the right place and for the right guide. The author's sincerity is clearly felt and so is the ever present vulnerability that the author has to endure. Peace be with you.

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