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Infinite Shades of Gray

by James Shammas (Age: 53)
copyright 09-22-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

A tale is told of a drunk young man who
Rammed his candy-apple red corvette
Through a dark brown oak tree. The yellow sun
Blinded him, veered him off a wide green hill
Down a deep ravine as black as night.
Someone found him, plucked him out,
Sent him to a place where he lied under
Pink elephants and sea-green serpents.

Over the lifting fog, that someone appeared,
Robed like Virgil and blind like Joyce,
The vision prompting him to tell his story,
Devoid of the colors of the rainbow
And aptly lacking a pot of gold. Now he
Looks clearly through a cracked looking-glass,
Telling of the greatest story ever told,
And of the infinite shades of wondrous gray.

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        10-08-2005     Regina Pate        

Hmm the gray area? I don't know stumped again, but what about all the pretty colors? That is all I saw right before death, oh well, I am sorry I don't get it but I really like your car. Sorry you crashed in a tree but still a very good story and as always you tell it so well and leave a mystery for me to ponder on before I fall asleep. Good job. Thank you again


        09-30-2005     Deone Wiley        

I like this theme and it flows nicely. But."one clear blue spring day" I think would be better placed as a paranthetical phrase after "who". Thus reading,"who, one, rammed." Also, laid is the past participle of "lay" to place something somewhere. The principle parts are to lay, laid, has or is laid. What you want is the verb "to lie" which means to be prone in a hospital bed. The principle parts are to lie, lay, has or is lain. This is a common error, but, as an English teacher, one of my pet peeves.

        09-23-2005     Walter Jones        

Needle buried, pulling away from life, red line, screaming, light shade escapes, jaws of life lift, officers goes down with a shiner, live with out license 9 months, good tale, brought back one of my own, 1200 dollar light post $10,000 Custom built goat, proto type engine from
gm sponsor, young touched one last time.. Thanks for the depth and trigger, Walt

        09-23-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Colors are passion and facts are black and white. The shades of gray help to curve the scene. People can see the light and some do change direction. Much thought and many ways to look at this. Me like! Anthony

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