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On Training for Another Marathon

by James Shammas (Age: 53)
copyright 09-25-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

There is something about the fourth or fifth
Long run of twenty--not the moving miles,
But the secret space between the steps,
Where I am moved by the words of T.S. Eliot:
'The still point of the turning world,'
The dancer and the dance. Admittedly, I

Imagine more a pit, a sticky core,
A butterfly's wounded wing winging;
Or perhaps Rilke's pacing panther
Turning in his cage around a center
Silenced by the endless passing bars
Slicing by like strides on tumbling terrain.

And like the panther, I learn to stay there--
In that space--bursting like a silent star,
Rilke's 'Archaic Torso of Apollo'
Beseeching me to change my life; to move
In the unmoved--for however long it takes--
Even if there never really was, or is, a race.

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        10-04-2005     Regina Pate        

hey, whoa, are you talking about that space inbetween thoughts? How serene. I have heard of such a place but I think I try to hard to get there. Teach me how to do it, can you, will you, I beg of you please. and if that is not what you are talking about then I am sorry sir please explain. Thank you for your inspiration all the same. lol


        09-28-2005     Michael Lindquist        

Good imagery. I like the use of successful poet’s words to support your thoughts. Flows nicely.
Thanks for writing.

        09-28-2005     Walter Jones        

So wish and feel, take a bit and leave a lot, a writer, a person a live, seeing and feeling... Enjoyed this touch of life.. Walt

        09-26-2005     Roger Crique        

I think you've reached a compromise with your inner writer. The pictures conveyed here are magnificent. Motion is cleverly depicted. The theme is not a challenging one but you do do it justice with your clever descriptions of time and space. It also flows very nicely. Well done!

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