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Roy Loved The Ladies

by David Pekrul
copyright 10-08-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

I wrote this for Sammy.A's contest. Please don't critique my historical accuracy, as this is just for fun. least it was fun for Roy

Now, Samson was a ladies man,
With long, black hair, his strength began,
But this is not about that boy,
I’m speaking of a guy named Roy.

It seems he was Delilah’s friend,
And day and night with him she’d spend,
And treat him like a lover's toy,
This ancient man, the one named Roy.

He was a man of mystery,
And lived throughout our history,
From Samson ‘till the days of Troy,
This ancient man, the one named Roy.

With Cleopatra he would be,
Before she knew Mark Antony,
But of his actions, he was coy,
This ancient man, the one named Roy.

Now, Helen made the men’s hearts skip,
Her face had launched a thousand ships,
She married Paris, moved to Troy,
But first she had her way with Roy.

The Queen of Sheba was so wise,
For seeking wisdom was her prize,
Yet Solomon, the golden boy,
Could never take the place of Roy.

Now if this, Roy, still lived today,
With Super Models he would play,
And sexy ladies he’d enjoy,
This ancient man, the one named Roy.

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        10-27-2005     Deborah Thomas        

Hilarious! You did Roy justice!
Sly comment, Anthony. I am tempted to correct your spelling!
Great job David. I know I shall be reading you more.

        10-09-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

This is great and you are getting so good at it. I think you've been studding. The line that Roger was talking about I think should be, "She'd spend" you keep the rhythm and the rhyme. You are getting so good and soon you will have even more time to think of this stuff! Anthony

        10-09-2005     Sammy Anderson        

I had to share this with my mother! She was also laughing all the way through it. I guess Roy was a piece of history that someone forgot to write about.
Good luck in my contest!

        10-09-2005     Eleni Makarios        

LOL (Laugh out loud) This was very interesting. Maybe ou should make the age group more restricted, but this was kind of funny! Good job.

        10-08-2005     Roger Crique        

This was truly delightful to read. I kept laughing as I read. This guy named Roy was a true stud! Believe it or not, the imagery here is outstanding! All these legendary icons popped up in my mind as you mentioned them. I'm not going to question your historical accuracy, it looks good to me. Excellent fluidity and the humor begins to pick up right after the first stanza. One thing though, I find that this sentence, "And day and night with him she’s spend," she's spend does not sound right. I think you meant, "she's spent." I could be wrong....

        10-08-2005     Regina Pate        

who is this one, the one named Roy. Was he really a handsome boy. lol I love the way you write it flows so nicely, I can't get over it. Good job. Thank you


        10-08-2005     Amanda Moore        

Oh this is terrific, much more lighthearted and fun to read than the one I did, just shows the diversity in writing styles, and your is wonderful.

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