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Sub conscience

by Regina Pate (Age: 38)
copyright 10-09-2005

Age Rating: 1 +
Sub conscience

This is your subconscious speaking

I was with your ancestors, I am with you now

And I will also be with your children and your children's children

I am here to help you, guide you and keep you safe along your path

Keep my words safe and I will give you everything you ever wanted

Good luck!

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        05-12-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

Ah. The peacefulness of my egoless self!

Short, sweet, and beautiful.


        10-12-2005     David Pekrul        

This is good, but I'm not sure whether you meant 'Subconscious' (I think maybe the word should be 'subconscience') or if you meant 'conscience'.
Read my poem "The Guardian" at
and see if we are talking about the same thing.

        10-11-2005     Amanda Moore        

No kidding my subconscious nags me all the time, never says anything nice to me! Great write Gina I enjoyed it.

        10-11-2005     Roger Crique        

Boy, how I wish this was true! I want a lot of things out of life, but my time is running short! So, I guess I'll start listening a little more to sub-conscience, perhaps I can learn from it! Besos para ti!

        10-11-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I once thought about Politics and the first rule there seems to be to get rid of this! You did a good job here, but I wonder how many people out there even know what a subconscious is? I watch the people carry TVs out of shops in New Orleans because they can and wonder where they think it will get them! Anthony

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