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"They met at church"

by Shannon Walter (Age: 26)
copyright 10-11-2005

Age Rating: 1 +

Chapter 1 Boring church no more

It all started in the spring when Shannon’s grandma opened her beach house. Shannon would go over on Fridays after school and come home on Sunday nights. Shannon’s grandma was very religious and the two of them had to go to church every Sunday at 10:30am. Shannon dreaded going to church, for it was so boring, she couldn’t stand it.
Then one Sunday it all changed. There was an alter boy who was very cute and looked about 15 years of age. Through out the mass she noticed him looking at her. Not only was he looking right at her, but was smiling ever so faintly. His smiles were so faint that only she could notice. She was so shocked that the “hot alter boy” was smiling at her. Shannon could feel herself blushing.
Shannon had no idea was his name could be, so since he was an alter boy she called him “Alty”. Shannon of course told all her friends about this mysterious alter boy whom she called “Alty”.
Alty was about 5 inches or so taller than her. He had the cutest smile, which during church Shannon only received. He also had the prettiest light blue eyes, in which she wanted to swim in.
Shannon started to see a pattern, Alty was coming to church every other week. On one of the days Alty wasn’t there Shannon grew the courage to go up to the priest and ask were the alter boy was. The priest said that he works at the super market and said he was in HIGH SCHOOL! She didn’t bother to ask which super market he works at, but she did ask what his name was. Luke, his name was Luke.

Chapter 2 Falling for the church boy and he talks

Shannon was so excited, for she new the alter boy’s name. She told her grandma, then her sister’s friend Chandler. Then of coarse she called her mom to tell her the great news. Her mom, Linda was very excited for her. Shannon could not wait until next Sunday.
More into the summer Shannon noticed that Luke was there every Sunday. This made Shannon extremely happy. Even though she did not say a word to him she felt herself falling for the church boy. Each week she would tell herself that she was going to go up to Luke and talk to him, but every time she would chicken out and shyly smile at him and walk away.
It was growing old, there was only 2 more weeks of summer and Shannon was loosing her patients. Shannon always went out the main way to see Luke. Every time she walked by him, she hoped he would come up to her and start a conversation. That very day she said it was over, was just the beginning to a beautiful thing. Luke finally came up to Shannon and talked to her. These were his Exact words, “hello, how are you?” Shannon said, “ok”. It wasn’t long before her grandma was calling her to go and she had to leave Luke.
She was so excited. All she did was go around to the neighbors and tell them that Luke finally talked to her.

Chapter 3 Getting to know Luke better

The next week she only talked to Luke for a minute or two, for his dad took over and was telling her about his experiences with skin cancer. The next two week after that he wasn’t at church. When she didn’t see him walk down the isle all she wanted to do was cry and cry, but she kept it in. Finally on the 3rd week he was there. After church they met up outside. Shannon told her grandma she was going to walk home because she wanted to stay after and get to know Luke and she did she really did. He is a senior in high school at Toms River South.
While Shannon and Luke were talking, Luke’s dad was in his car talking on his cell phone. Shannon discovered that Luke was very funny. He constantly made her laugh and she made him laugh too! Luke’s dad came to pick up Luke and said that Luke had to go to work. He works at Shop Rite. As Shannon was walking home she saw her older brother Jay. He gave her a ride home. As Shannon got out of the car, her grandma came running out saying she was so worried and she was about to call the police. Shannon thought she was just talking for an half hour, but it turns out she was talking for an hour and a half! Next week she plans on giving him her number ###-###-####.

Chapter 4 He knows were she lives now

Shannon had high hopes of seeing Luke at church, but when she looked back she didn't see Luke or his dad. If she didn't see Luke she was really going to cry. She didn't care if anyone saw her. Then all of a sudden she saw Luke walk down the isle. She was so happy she couldn't help but smile. Through out church they smiled little smiles like usual, but then Luke started to make funny faces and she couldn't help laughing(quietly of course)! After church they were talking after his dad went to the car. Luke was trying to show off his spider-man moves by trying to clim up the church. Shannon was cracking up so much. Shannon threw her purse at him and he stole it and said that if she beat him at thumb wrestleing he would give it back. She knew she would loose even before she put her hand to his. One of the things Shannon really like about guy is if he has really nice, big hands, and he did. His thumb was over an inch bigger than mine. Then they put their hands together and her hand was so small compared to his. Shannon loved the fact that his were so strong looking. His dad pulled up to the both of them and insisted that he give her a ride home. Her house was a mile away. Luke and his dad offically met her grandma. Luke's dad, Bill said that she was very lucky to have a wonderful, polite and well-mannored grand-daughter and that was it she didn't give him her #. She was so mad at her self and still is.

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