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Gone Fishin'

by David Pekrul
copyright 10-12-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

I'm tired of the daily race,
With everybody in their place,
I need to find some quiet space,
Gone fishin'.

To hurry here, and hurry there,
I shave my face and comb my hair,
I haven't got a thing to wear,
Gone fishin'.

I worry 'bout the things I've not,
Ignoring all the things I've got,
Which lay around until they rot,
Gone fishin'.

So I am getting out of here,
To catch some fish and have some cheer,
For life is not what it appears,
Gone fishin'.

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        11-13-2005     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

To catch some fish and have some cheer... I thought it was going to read "have some beer" !!! LOL. Guess it was a Freudian slip in my reading. :-) I love the repetition, the cute quips, and the deep insight. You write of some "heavy" topics there in a lighthearted manner. I like it.

        10-12-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I have saved fishing for when I retire. I hope we can go fishing someday! This is a great write! Anthony

        10-12-2005     Amanda Moore        

I can see the glass of lemonade and a front porch... Oh thats right Fishin' sorry bout that I got lost (wink) wonderful stage you've set here, I enjoyed reading it.

        10-12-2005     James Shammas        

You cannot get what you don't give back,
And you've done this well with no thing to lack.
All those Canadian, and down here too,
Must have felt your love in all you do.

An honest man brings all he's got
To work or play, right here or not.
You are who you are in all you are,
And they'll feel you still; you won't go far.


        10-12-2005     Regina Pate        

Good for you! Go fishin' David you defiantly deserve it, but when you come back you will still be Santa right, I want my present, he he

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