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False Hopes/ Broken Dreams

by Roger Crique (Age: 60)
copyright 10-25-2005

Age Rating: 10 +
False Hopes/ Broken Dreams

To the sun I raise my bow
Let its rays shine upon my spirit
The spirit of the Moon touches the sea
And the eagle bathes its feathers in its mist

High above the highest mountains
My echo dwells for ever
The howl of the lonesome wolf unite the peaks
The colors of the Earth mingles in my eyes
As the rainbow promises me a fertile land

Rivers run through my fingers
The sparkle of gold in my hands
Rich and bountiful is your belly
For the morning brings me dew

Untold stories light up their eyes
Burning brightly, the fire of their imagination
Little men saddle their steeds
joyous laughter in the plains
My God, this circle of fire
the cause of my uplifting

For the tepees are pointing skyward
As do the pyramids in my daily dreams
In the distance, trails of smoke above the hills
I read their message in the silky clouds

The rain is coming soon
The wind will howl like the Alpha pair
Shelter in your wings I seek
oh Raging Bull
Have mercy on me, oh, great one
Have compassion for your children

You will not let my dreams asunder
For I believe in you, oh Thunder God
Let not my bow break from stress
Let my arrows fly long and straight
In this glorious land my tears I plant

For my blood you promised to continue
I believe in you, oh Serpent of Fire
In you I place my hopes
My dreams and my Lineage
My aspirations and my courage!

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        05-06-2006     Regina Pate        

Strong words, for a strong man, you are the lake I swim in, in my canoe I steer it the best I can. Though my oars are heavy, I seem to manage. Your hands, beneath me keep me steady, and I have faith they will guide my path, even when I don't know where to go, you have the power to drown me at any given moment and sometimes I feel like you already have. Great write, good job, thanks,

Your Regina

        10-27-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

A-men! This is a wonderful prayer and the visions here are nice. This person wishes like most of us do, that we will have what we need and so will our families. Good write! Anthony

        10-26-2005     David Pekrul        

This is a wonderfully written prayer, and I could almost see the camp, fire-ring and tipis, surrounded by the people in their colourful costumes.
My son has many times, described how the early Canadian natives lived, as he obtained his degree with a major in Archeology, specializing in Plains Indian studies. His wife is also a Canadian native girl, which also brings this piece closer to home.
I loved it, thanks.

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