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Frogs and Pigtails

by Deborah Thomas (Age: 58)
copyright 11-07-2005

Age Rating: 1 +
Frogs and Pigtails

What does this little girl want with a frog?
And where is the sugar and spice?

On the cookie she ate while holding the frog.
The frog only added more spice.

Or so said the boy who gave her the frog.
The frog makes it all twice as nice!

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        07-19-2006     Kimberly Murphy        

Brought back a lot of memories. Awesome write!!

        11-10-2005     David Pekrul        

I didn't much play with frogs when I was a kid, but I did love catching tadpoles; does that count?
This brought back good memories.

        11-10-2005     Deone Wiley        

Very cute picture; charming little poem. In Northern Wisconsin we went "froggin'" with boat and oar. Frogs this size we called "bizmaroon"; they lay on the water plants in the swamp leading to Green Bay. Good eating too.

        11-09-2005     Roger Crique        

Oops! Sorry! It can't be Tanya or Gina! I just saw, March of 1967, silly me! I guess it's you Debbie! Nice pigtails!

        11-09-2005     Roger Crique        

Who is this little girl? Is that Tanya or Gina? I love the picture! It's classic! The poem is short and sweet (no pun intended). It doesn't need to flow. The picture takes care of that! Lovely poem!

        11-09-2005     Debra Rose        

This poem brought back memories. The sugar and spice is a conflicting mixture. The sugar makes it sweet, the spice makes it hot. I love motorcycles, football, hocky, and sports bars...but I adore pink things, stuffed animals, flowers, and skirts, LOL. It's that combination of a girl that makes her so desirable.

And besides...if girls were afraid of frogs...most boys would never get a girlfriend. XD

        11-09-2005     Deborah Thomas        

Walter! You make me laugh!
A silly little diddy that has no more thought than a caption for the picture.. a statement to dis-spell all myths of little girls with one snapshot! Your words flatter me, but I applaud your ability to employ the English language so eloquently in any occasion!

        11-08-2005     Brian Dickenson        

I rather like this. It is a typical comment about little boys and girls. In my day we would put the frog down the back of the girls dress, horrible little monsters we were.
I wonder, did she try kissing the frog.......

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