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My Dearest Friend

by Elisabeth Hatheway
copyright 11-20-2005

Age Rating: 7 +
My Dearest Friend
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I had the best childhood life could offer,even though it went too fast.I had a loving,caring,and humorous family and we liked to have fun with each other. I liked to go on adventures with my little sister Katherine, or Kate as we called her. My two older sisters,Anna and Lara were buddies as well.But then all the drama came and all of our lives started changing.

Early in my life,my parents were having trouble with their marriage. My dad had been doing drugs around the time my second oldest sister,Lara was born.My mom couldn't deal with it anymore and so my parents had gotten a divorce. I hated to see my parents split up.My mom told me that I had gotten so upset that I ran to the nearby fence and rested the side of my face upon it,tears flowing from my eyes. But what did she expect? I loved both of them so much and my dad had to move away because my mom had gotten custody of all four of us.We could only visit him once and a while.My parents' relationship had gone on and off throughout the years and in total they had gotten married three times.Then they decided to split up for good and my dad moved to his parents' house close to Dallas,Texas. He would call once in a while to see how we've been and I would always have a book next to the phone to read to him so he would see how I was progressing in school. In my eyes,he was a great father but he never sent child support and my mom would always get frustrated because of it.

It was a few years later and I was ten years old when another terrible thing happened.My oldest sister,Anna had gotten killed in a head-on car collision out by her work near Lemon Valley,Nevada.Our whole family couldn't come to grips with her death and all of us wanted this to just be a horrible nightmare but every time we woke up, Anna would never be there.Anna's death had affected my mom and Lara the most. My mom would always dwell on why God had taken her precious daughter and my sister Lara would get depressed altogether. Time had healed our wounds mostly but a little part in everyone had been taken.Our lives had gone pretty much down-hill at that point in time, and I needed a companion to help me deal with the loss of my sister and the only place I would find one would be at the pet store. I loved animals, but I loved dogs the most and I wanted this miniature American Eskimo puppy they were selling at this pet store near my house called "Just 4 Pets" for $500.00.It was my birthday soon and even though my mom didn't have much money on that fateful day, she bought me the puppy I wanted anyway. I thanked her so much and said I would take good care of my puppy. It was the best gift a kid could get and I was so happy. I picked up my dog and she felt so nice against me in the cold November day. It felt like she was melting through my arms like a single
marshmallow melting in a cup of cocoa.

When my mom and I arrived at home, Lara and Kate were so surprised that I had gotten a puppy. They thought I was carrying a pile of snow and they wanted to hold her too. Later, while I was sitting on the front porch, I was trying to think of a name for my new pup. My bud Kate was sitting next to me;also thinking. Then she came up with the perfect name. It wasn't much but I thought it was the best; Jewel. That was the name.

Ever since this day,she has been with me to comfort me, to not judge me,and to be a loyal,loving companion. A dog can give you a gift no human will ever be able to give and that gift is true friendship.

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        08-20-2006     BJ Niktabe        

I loved this line: "Time had healed our wounds mostly but a little part in everyone had been taken." That's an incredible line!

Your ability to capture and hold the interest of the reader is good. You're a gifted story teller! Thank you.


        03-31-2006     Katie Langolf        

This is an amazing story. Is it true or is it made up. Very nice job.

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