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Soldiers Of The Night

by Ernest Lozon (Age: 63)
copyright 11-26-2005

Age Rating: 18 +

From dusk to dawn we stood and waited,
buried in dirt and covered with sweat.
We watched the horizon for any movements,
and looked at each other praying for the best.

Tension was tight and the stress level rose,
as the sun went down and darkness fell upon us.
We heard sounds in the far distance of the night,
marching and screaming soldiers coming our way.

Blood rushed to our heads while we impatiently waited.
We knew there were many and a battle it would be.
Then the ground lit up as the flares went off,
exposing all those who fell victim to it's light.

Bullets went flying from both sides of the field,
and bodies began falling from left to right.
The battle went on right to the bitter end,
until victory was claimed by either side.

Finally, it was over and this time we were lucky.
We gathered our senses as the casualties added up.
After a little rest we stood and waited,
standing our ground as soldiers of the night.

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        12-17-2005     David Pekrul        

This paints quite a picture. The poem flows well and I believe it could be even longer and still hold my attention.
I hope you will enter this into my contest "Dangerous Occupations".
David Pekrul

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