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You Are Perfection

by David Pekrul
copyright 12-08-2005

Age Rating: 18 +

I bestow upon you
My adoration and love,
For I have beheld your beauty,
And am in awe of you.

Your eyes shine
As the stars of heaven,
Your lips are the colour of the sunset,
And as sweet as honey.

Your neck is as an ivory tower,
Your bosom, like sisters of desire,
Your belly, like the hard flat plains of the desert,
And I long to explore the richness of your valley.

My breath is all but stopped
As I gaze upon your loveliness,
At the way your long tresses of golden hair
Caress your shoulders.

The way your nose wrinkles
When you smile,
A smile that causes a small dimple
To play upon your cheek.

Beauty is your name,
Perfection your attribute,
And I am but a pilgrim
On a journey to worship at your alter.

Look upon me with kindness,
Turn not away from my attention,
Rather, entertain my longing,
And satisfy my want.

Then my days will be filled with gladness,
And my nights with serenity.
Forever will your name be upon my lips,
And your beauty in my vision.

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        12-09-2005     Debra Rose        

To continue with what Brian says...

...if you're not writing this about your one and only, let's hope you don't get caught XD

This is definitly beautiful, and erotic on top of that. Especially the lines:
"Your belly, like the hard flat plains of the desert,
And I long to explore the richness of your valley."

I totally got the mental image of that O.o

This is a truely erotic, and beautiful work. Amazing job.

        12-08-2005     Brian Dickenson        

Well David you sound truly besotted. I do hope you are writing this about your one and only.
You do have a Way with words.

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