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You Were Made For Me

by hedwig (Age: 25)
copyright 12-09-2005

Age Rating: 13 +

He's perfect, he never breaks promises.
He kept me warm in the cold and whispered,
"I will always love you."
He layed in the grass with me on summer nights.
To show my love,
I chose to do something he wouldn't suspect of.
I leaned over to kiss him.
My lips touched his,
it was the best thing to ever happen to me.

His eyes widened,
he shook,
his body turned to black,
he dropped dead.
My body froze,
tears flew,
my scream echoed.
I got down on my knees to my now dead true love. Touched his face with my fingertips hoping it was just a fake.
Praying this was all just a nightmare.
My fingertips burnt his skin.
He bursted into flames and was now ashes.
I couldn't breathe, a tear fell on the ashes.
Right then the ashes blew away,
in the hottest day of summer.
Now my true love was gone forever.
I got up and started running.
The world became dark,
I couldn't see,
I fell and just saw black.
My world was pure darkness,
I was confused,
I was scared.
I never meant to hurt you.
I wish I never did those things in the past.
There's no going back, it's gone.
I'm not perfect,
I break promises.
Your dead now, you were made for me.
And I will never forget that.

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        04-19-2013     Rachel Brown        

Oh damn this is quite the painful read and another concrete reason for me not to get a boyfriend or a serious relationship well written and very done without a doubt I love it.
Keep up the extraordinary work and hope to read more soon. Just keep up the great work.

        12-09-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Ouch, what made you write this? I hope that this was only a nightmare and not anything real. You are so young and have so much more to see and feel. Don't let the loss of this love keep you from finding another. There are still others that will and can love you. I love you even if I don't count. Anthony

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