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The Hundred-Headed Monster

by Richard Reed Jr
copyright 12-15-2005

Age Rating: 10 +

"Clickety clackety, clickety clack
Doors closing"

Damn! Missed another one
No one can get in
When the doors open for thirty seconds

I'll run this time


"Ouch my hand"

Third time this week

"Clickety clackety, clickety clack"
The sound of the hundred-headed monster
"Doors closing"

Hot damn! Made it this time

Looking around
What do I see?
Ambiguous-looking fellows
In seedy coats

This crowd
Seems to be a particular set of people
Leftovers from post-op hospital rooms
One can almost smell anesthesia
In the air

That guy looks as though
He's been thrown from a nightmare


There's an attractive woman
Sitting next me
I look into her eyes
But there's no one there

Except for rustling newspapers
Silence hangs over This car like a corpse's shroud

"Oh God!"

"What now?"

We've just been swallowed by a crack

Of darkness

The lights came back on
And standing there
is a strange ragged and dazed creature
With a mute detachment
This is a sensation of utter chaos


I'm dreaming all of this.....

"Doors opening"
"Oh God get out of my way
I'll never get outta' here"..............
"Doors closing"

"Clickety clackety, clickety clack!"

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        05-13-2006     Regina Pate        

Nobody cares, doesn't it seem that way, but I think their just afraid of what you might say. I can't stand it when people offer unsolisited help. I just look at them annoyingly and keep trying it my way. I am all grown up now. Can't you see. I'm a big girl, now let me be. Pretty faces, without a soul, damn people can be so cold, on the outside looking in, I can't help but wonder, where's the end. Great write, good job, thanks,


        04-21-2006     Kimberly Murphy        

Awesome! I thought that was awesome. Your poems are highly interesting to me. PLaese keep it up.

Kimberly Murphy

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