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In 300 Years...

by chibimars
copyright 02-13-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

In 300 years will I be a lost soul
whose story no one has bothered to tell?
Will I be that forgotten old photograph
That lies in the bottom of the treasure trunk in the attic?

In 300 years will the world I lived in seem non-existent?
Just a fantasy in a children's book?
Will my name be remembered?
Or will it die along with me?

In 300 years, will my children and their children
Ever ponder about who I was?
Will anyone care about 'that girl'
From oh-so long ago?

Will there be a museum named after me someday?
Or just a faded stone in dead grass with a bouquet of wilting flowers beside it?
Who will I be 300 years from now?
Who really knows?

****NOTE: My Lit teacher selected 3 students (I being one of them) to write a poem for a contest with the topic "How would you like to be remembered in 300 years?" We don't know who won the contest yet, but I figured I'd show the poem to you guys ^_^

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        02-15-2006     David Pekrul        

I'm quite impressed, and I think this has a very good chance of winning. Of course, I haven't seen the other entries, but this is a good poem and should be considered.
It asks the question that we all ask, "Will we be remembered?" Everyone want to be remembered for the good things they have done to make a difference. In that small way we live forever.

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