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I'm Forgiven

by David Pekrul
copyright 02-19-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

I worship He who lives in me,
The Christ of God from Galilee,
The One who died and set me free,
I know that I'm forgiven.

He came to Earth through virgin birth,
And though we hadn't any worth,
He died so He could break the curse,
And now I am forgiven.

For three full days he stayed in Hell,
The Gospel story He would tell,
To free believers from that cell,
So they could be forgiven.

And then He rose up off the Earth,
To give His children second birth,
And now I know just what it's worth,
Praise God that I'm forgiven.

Now when I die I'll be with Him,
The One who rescued me from sin,
My life in Heaven will begin,
I'm glad that I'm forgiven.

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        02-22-2006     Veera Das        

This poem has a definite ring and tone about it.It makes skillful use of rhyme and repetition to effectively handle an eternal theme.
Just one suggestion-the word 'cell' in the third para sounds very modern. Wonder if it could be replaced with a word that sounds more biblical?
This apart-a great write.

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