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by Brian Dickenson (Age: 82)
copyright 02-27-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

The witching hour of midnight,
Steals across the land.
Moonlight, making pathways,
For lovers hand in hand.

Silhouetted branches
Stark against the sky.
Silent bats on leather wings
Watch for moths go by.

Away in the misty distance
A vixen calls her mate.
A lonely cow, with steaming breath,
Scratches on a gate.

Rustling in the undergrowth
A tiny field mouse feeding,
It doesn't hear the barn owls flight,
Till in its talons bleeding.

A grass snake, still as still can be
Waits upon a frog.
The frogs no fool, hes been around
Hes hiding in the bog.

A hedgehog caught in headlights glare
Rolls into a ball.
The wheels skim by, this time hes safe.
But oh, so close a call.

An artists palette paints the sky,
Dawn is fast approaching.
A silent figure climbs the gate,
Hes had a good nights poaching.

The hunting cat, his hunting done
Scratches at the door.
Hell sleep all day, but come the night,
Hell be out for more.

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        03-17-2006     James Shammas        

I so agree with Jean. I love how you've almost painted these little vignettes with such beauty and simplicity, with a hint of the sublime.


        03-12-2006     Jean George        

This made me feel like I was an invisible spectator in a barnyard at midnight. You have nailed in a few succinct verses the abundance of activity that takes place in the mysterious nocturnal hours...or maybe not so mysterious now after your wonderfully painted little vignettes. Reminds me of one of my all time favorite poems, Silver, by Walter de la Mare....yes, I admit it, I am a closet fan of sue me! This is as good a poem as you've written full of local color and simplicity....You'd like Ted Kooser, too.

        03-06-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

Tallyho! (is that spelled right?)

Here goes: these are all nits, but we''re supposed to critique so...................

Silhouetted branches
Stark against the sky.
Silent bats on leather wings
Watch for moths go by.
(last line??)

A hedgehog caught in headlights glare
Rolls into a ball,(why a comma instead of a period?)
The wheels skim by, this time hes safe
But oh, so close a call.

Homeward bound, hes had a good nights poaching
(I like this but it reads a bit awkward)

I liked your wonderful imagery and it was most entertaining.

You're one of the greatest out here.

Great write!


        03-02-2006     David Pekrul        

When we go to bed a lot of God's nature comes awake. This paints a great picture of the nocturnal world. It made me imagine a warm summer evening.

        03-02-2006     Debra Rose        

You reminded me of the artist you spoke about--painting a picture with your words. This is a wonderful work. Very beautiful. I love the descriptions you use!

        03-01-2006     Mike Macdonald        

The images here are distinct, and I agree it has a good mysterious feeling. A few lines might be fixed to keep it flowing smoother, if that's your preference, particularly the line "Homeward bound, hes had a good nights poaching." Also, it's spelled "palette".

This one was fun. Good to see you're still keeping your pen busy. Or keyboard, as it were.

        02-28-2006     Gregory Christiano        

Hello Brian: you've painted some really vivid images and set a mysterious mood... From the barn owl to the bats with their 'leather wings,' and from the field mouse to the frog... great stuff! I can visualize the silhouettes and the dark vistas. Enjoyed this very much.

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