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Touching God

by Jackie Moranty
copyright 10-04-2001

Age Rating: 4 +

I say that "If I can't touch something,
Then it's not real to me."
This brings up a question,
About my Christianity.

"You can't touch God, either,"
My friends sagely say.
To this I smile, and pick up a rock,
And it in my palm, I weigh.

"I have touched God, in a baby's breath,
With the kick of a new born calf,
Felt Him push me harder,
When I was only doing half.

I've tasted wind and rain and snow,
And felt the noonday sun.
He's unruffled my feathers,
When I was under the gun.

He was with me on the Tough Gather,
And He watched Tim's last ride,
I wasn't alone when I lost my parents,
He was by my side.

He was there for the birth of my daughter,
And He's with her every day,
He'll follow her down her long ride,
Making sure she doesn't stray.

I know what He feels like,"
I say with a wise nod,
"Because I've ridden up the Peaks,
And touched the face of God."

October, 2001

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        10-23-2013     Regina Lehman        

Very beautiful poem..He was there for the birth of my daughter,And He's with her every day, Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us no matter what we are going through.

        07-14-2013     Mae Futter Stein        

Jackie that is beautifully said and so nicely written. I love the words you quote on the
touching of God. It is so beautiful how you describe how he protects and keeps your daughter safe, watching over her constantly. I love these types of poetry. Be Blessed.

        02-23-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

This is the best one that I have read of yours. I like this a lot. Thanks, Anthony

        10-06-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Hi, John, I'm glad that you enjoyed the write. When talking about the big bang, or any Biblical event, most people picture God coming down from some lofty heights and doing the things that He has done. They take the Bible very literally. The Bible is wrought with symbolism, though, so one person described something, the way that they saw it. I don't think that it was described exactly as it happened because it's all in one's perception. However, let's look at this from a different perspective: 2000 years after the fact, would there be evidence left that the Red Sea was parted? Would there be a scorch mark left from the burning bush? It's doubtful. Scientists have found evidence of Eden, and many other prophesies, though, so I'm not going to doubt that it all happened. Jackie

        10-06-2001     John Mcleod        

An interesting piece Jackie, the world as we know it WAS created by the big bang where everything was sent on a course that led the planets to be where they are now. Scientists know that this has happened but also understand that there may have been a force that made this happen. A force so strong that it knew where to put our planet so that it was able to contain life.
There is a lot of negative evidence that points to the fact that things could not have been as the bible says, however there is also many writings that contradict this theory.
Anyway....A good thought provoking poem that I enjoyed reading.


        10-05-2001     Jackie Moranty        

LOL, that's what I keep telling them, Robert! If there was a big bang, then God was the one that did it. Some believe me and some don't. Jackie

        10-04-2001     Jackie Moranty        

Thanks to all, your comments are inspiring. It's all of you that push me forward when I have nothing to say. Jackie

        10-04-2001     Maralee Gerke        

I liked this poem as I too believe that god is all around us if we just pay attention to all his wonders.

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