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God's Word

by David Pekrul
copyright 03-21-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

"Thy words have I hid in my heart,
So I will not sin against Thee,"

The Word of the Lord will enrich all our lives,
Sustain us and help us be free.

If we do not read, we won't know,
If we do not know, we won't heed,
If we take no heed of the Word of our Lord,
We'll never in God's Truth proceed.

His Word is a light to our path,
And shows us the right from the wrong,
It's full of the promises God gives to man,
And teaches us how to be strong.

It isn't an out-of-date book,
Nor is it just "Yesterday's News",
It's current and vibrant and right on the mark,
And more like a spiritual muse.

His Word is like food for our souls,
And somewhat like Gilead's balm,
Which comforts the weary and rescues the lost,
Replacing the storm with the calm.

So, if you are lost and confused,
Not knowing the left from the right,
Just open the Bible and read from His Word,
And know that the answer's in sight.

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        05-23-2006     Jessica Peters        

Another great work of art; people need to know to follow the Lord, especially people who are close to my age, because so many people go and make fun of God, and he's always watching. Some people even say his name in vain just for the sake of saying it, and they don't think it has meaning; in fact, I've watched someone while they were reading the commandments and they went over the one "You shall not use the Lords name in vain", and they started saying it, just out of the blue, almost as if they were mocking Him. Unfortunatley, I had to watch it, or hear it, but yeah... great job though, I loved it!

        03-21-2006     Daniel R Patton        

Word, for word this is so true. This read is soft and it gives comfort, it is writing's like this that touch heart's, feed souls and gives inspiration, likewise making us think of what's really important. THANK YOU DAVID, MAY ALL HEED THIS ADVISE.

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