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He Toured Manhattan

by David Pekrul
copyright 03-22-2006
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 10 +
He Toured Manhattan

She told him to come and to give it a try,
He told her, “Dear Aunty, I cannot see why,
You love this big city with skyscrapers high,
This place called 'Big Apple', the pie-in-the-sky."

“Please, come before New Years and see how it feels,
I think you will like all the ways it appeals,
With Christmas tree shopping and Christmas Day meals,
I’ll show you a place that is very surreal."

He came as she asked and was given the tour,
But as they got started, he still wasn’t sure,
For in this big city he felt insecure,
She tried to persuade him and tried to assure.

He saw Lincoln Center and then Central Park,
He saw it by daylight and not after dark,
When stalkers and perverts would often embark,
“Let’s leave before sunset”, she heard him remark.

The Empire Building was really too high,
He wanted to see it and really did try,
But on the way up there, he started to cry,
Afraid of its height, as it loomed in the sky.

The Statue of Liberty, standing so proud,
Her flame pointing skyward above a large crowd,
A place for the needy is what she had vowed,
He felt very humble and kept his head bowed.

She took him through Harlem and then into Queens,
And travelled through boroughs, both there and between,
He shopped in their markets and ate their cuisine,
And started to like this American scene.

And just before New Years in Gramercy Park,
With Christmas lights glowing, it never got dark,
“I think this is pretty”, she heard him remark,
And then in his eyes she detected a spark.

And now he is glad that he entered this town,
And toured Manhattan and boroughs around,
He learned from this city, so old and renowned,
That life is exciting wherever it’s found.

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        04-14-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

I think I still have neck problems from looking up. I love it there as any Yankee fan would. I go up at least once or twice a year.
Another good poem, from the top of the list.
Good write. (Don't you ever get tired?)


        03-23-2006     Shannon Walter        

this sooooo great! i love it. it reminds me of the first time i went to nyc. thanks for entering my contest.

        03-22-2006     Jessica Peters        

Hey hey Uncle David I really liked this it had a lot of meaning to it. However, if I could make a suggestion is that maybe on the line "He saw it by daylight and not after dark" maybe try instead of the word "and" substitute "but".

But yeah it was really good one of my favourites so far!

        03-22-2006     Debra Rose        

I sense someone like's New York ^.^

This poem reminds me of hearing my friends talk about New York. It's like a mythical, legendary place that I don't know if I would like. There's so much history, but at the same seems like such a run down, scary place to be.

There's only one problem I saw in this, but otherwise, it's perfect. It's my opinion, but there's a problem with the rythm in one of your lines.

"But on the way up there, he started to cry,
Afraid of its height, way up there in the sky. "
I think the last line would fair a lot better if you wrote it as "Afraid of its height, way up in the sky."

Email me if you decide to change it or not and I'll give my points then!!

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