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In Summery of Eldest

by Brittney N. Nasca (Age: 27)
copyright 03-23-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

New hope is born,
For all of Alagaesia.
A rider has come forth,
After years of their destruction.
Unaware of his power,
He lived in all but ignorance.
Until one faithful day
Anew foe did appear.
The rider flees in fear,
For his new companion.
The mighty dragon
Became startled.
And flew away far
With her rider on her back..
They did return,
But not in time
To stop a painful death.
They fled again
To prevent more death,
And so they began
their faithful journey.

Now their journey,
Far in progress,
Begins to reach its peak.
They travel through
The dwarven land,
Though underground it may be.
They gained new friends,
New foes,
New weapons,
As they traveled far.
They soon reach
The eleven lands,
Where they stay
For near a year.
They sharpened their
Many needed skills,
Though not to a perfect point.
They trained with another rider,
Though the “whole cripple”
He may have been.
Through all their training perils
A new love began to form.
From the new rider
To the eleven princess,
Though the love she did not return.
The love continued to blossom
For the rider,
Though unrequited.
The training it soon disrupted
Until his heart
She did break.

The rider began
To train again.
But soon a war began.
The fighting called forth
The rider,
Though his skills
Were not to a point.

He went to the fight
To protect his beliefs.
He fought a magician
And a common man
Though loosing at first
The fight they now win,
Until a new surprise came forth.

A new rider came forth
Though not for the side
Of good.
The rider fought
To the death they thought,
Unaware of their brother
Was whom they fought.
The fight quickly ended
Though not in a death
But a faithful truce.
They swore to kill each other
Though only if forced.
It is there the story ends,
Making those that read it,
crave for more.


This was a creative writing assignment for a bookreport Ihad to fo on Eldest by Christopher Paolini, butalot of people said it was really nice. SoI hope you all enjoyed it too. Oh and the first paragraph was a prouloug describing what happened in the first book Eragon.

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Comments on this Article/Poem:
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        07-27-2007     Richard Reed Jr        

I agree with all of Leigh's comments.
You really wove this story like a master crafts person weaving silk.

It was most entertaining from top to bottom.

Great Job,


        04-18-2006     Judy Meeker        

You know how to put a story together. I am a published novelist, my book ''Whisper on the Wind a fiction /fansaty can be ordered online at any Borders Book store in USA. Or a signed copy from me. It is just the kind of book, I think you would write!
God bless,
Mrs. Tigran Israelyan

        04-17-2006     Judy Meeker        

You have a knack for telling a good story! I have a published novel, my first. It is a fiction fantasy. Yes this is a good poem you wrote!
God bless,
Mrs. Judy Israelyan

        04-15-2006     Mehrina Asif        

Oh, WOW!!! I love the Eragon and Eldest books, they're GREAT!!!!!! And I really liked the quiet sort of flow in your words! But there were some mistakes! First, all the elevens should elven. And in line 8, Anew should be A new. And I think that's all... Oh, the last line should be capitalized, because all the rest are, so... yeah! :D Great write! I have to show this to my friend, she's addicted to the Eragon and Eldest books!

        04-03-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

I just finished Eldest yesterday! I stayed up till 1 and got in a hell of a lot of trouble, but it was too worth it! You really did a great job describing the books and I really liked the flow and movement of this poem. The length is fitting, and also it close to the story line. Even though...I'm not sure if I like Eragon or Eldest better... Did you notice that Eragon rhymes with dragon? Anyhow, you did a very good job!

May the divine darkness be with you,
Leigh of the Commenting Crusaders

        03-24-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

More, more, bravo!
That was a really, really great story, filled with adventure, excitement, and suspense. You used powerful and colorful words. (also good rhythm) This is definitely one of your best.
This is a winner!


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