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Winged Friends

by Sharron Tyrrell
copyright 05-13-2001

Age Rating: 18 +

Chick-a-dee-dee-dee from the feeder top
Push the tiny seeds and see them drop.
Little masked singers fly here and there
Sorry to upset you, I can't help but stare.

The blue jay sits on a sturdy twig
He bows his head and dances a jig.
His feathers of blue are an awesome sight
I hear his call at first daylight.

Regal cardinal with a coat of red
You spread your wings above my head.
I know your song when I hear it
The notes pure and true are a hit.

Look there giant wings block the sun from me
Tiny creatures hide from your majesty.
Your hawk eyes scan the golden meadow
You swoop toward earth, they fear your shadow.

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        02-06-2014     Regina Lehman        

Very beautiful poem..I love birds the blue jay is a beautiful bird along with the cardinals and others.We have a bird bath and every Summer I am always outside filling it up with water so the birds will not get sick from the heat..I enjoy watching them take their bird baths they all crowd together they are adorable..!

        04-01-2001     Sharron Loughran        

Great poem Sharon, nice to see your work here.

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