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Unseen, Unheard, Unreal

by Haley Robinson (Age: 23)
copyright 04-03-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

*Author's Note: Leigh G.-chan helped write this poem, too, so I can only take half of the credit. Thanks Leigh-chan!! You guys have GOT to check out her work!

Unseen, Unheard, Unreal,
Thatís how Iíll always feel.
Unloved, thatís what Iíll always be.
And no faith is what youíll always see in me.
I still donít know what to do.
Now all I can think of is you.
And Iím still listening to-
The tales of an unheard person and the life of a nonexistent soul.
Does life really have any goal?
Iím walking on water, and falling up to the sky.
Things will be like this until the day I die.

I keep trying,
And failing time after time.
Whenever I talk;
They keep walking by.
When ever I try to be seen,
They don't even spare a passing glance.
I feel unreal,
Like a wisp of smoke in the wind.
And I'll be like this forever.
Completely lost and...

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        04-04-2006     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Great work! Thanks for the notation too! I'm glad I got to be the first hit and comment, even though I wasn't able to stay on line till it was approved! This is very creative, and I'm glad i could give you a hand with making it a little longer and meaningful. The rhythm and flow is very symmetrical. If that's a fitting word for this...:) When you emailed this to me I loved the words you chose to use and the comparisons that you made. Great job! I hope to see more soon! Oh, and keep in mind that we're always looking and searching for something or someone. And when we feel lost and down, there's only one thing we can do no matter what; stand up again.

Leigh of The Commenting Crusaders

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