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Sea Glass Sorrow

by Geoff Ewing
copyright 04-08-2006

Age Rating: 16 +

Lifting the bowl from the fridge
I make hard-boiled eggs rub raising whispers.

When last their ilk I’d heard,
long before I met her,
fresh fragile snow in crisp cold
was uttering protests at bearing snowshoes and me
while wind, sun and cloud conspired to throttle them the morrow.

Dancing partnered with a stranger
I move to the Strathspey’s rhythm.

When last its ilk I’d felt,
she standing opposite in the set,
we were attending a hotel-held ball,
crowning climax of classes where we’d met,
while the violin-led band sent spells against gravity
to levitate listeners.

Passing its kitchen door
I catch a whiff of coffee, toast and kidneys,
this humble hostelry’s complex breakfast odours.

When last their ilk I’d smelt,
she standing at the stove, spatula in hand,
spring air was slipping in the window crack
while cats abjured gluttony on ledge
or confessed it shin-side, seeking shriving by morsel.

Sweeping the parking space
I find two small sand-blasted shards.

When last their ilk I’d seen,
she bending to see sea treasure,
I was plucking sea glass from shore sand
while the Atlantic, trapped in perfect addict’s cycle,
played craps, using smooth speckled stones
to toss ten thousand contemporaneous games,
and rolled again before pips could be counted.

Sitting at the table,
she in the next room talking with a friend,
I had heard her carefree laugh.

When last its ilk I’d heard,
years ago it seemed,
she was laughing with me.

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        07-14-2007     Barbara Walker        

Hi Geoff
I like the mystery the atmosphere the imagery of snow and memories associated with the shells of newly boiled eggs.
I found your poem fresh and new, filled with excellent vocabulary, a rich variety of sensory input and your own personal images. This gave your poem an original and effective impression.
I've been at pnp a few weeks now. Drop by my writings. I'd love your comments.

        09-12-2006     Tammy Frascona        

I loved it! I enjoyed the imagery as well as the others and I also like how at the end.... I realized that it was she that you were really talking about. The time spent together, the happiness, the things done years ago... All the memories that you two have shared with one another! I thought this to be almost a romantic look at your lives; written in kind of a beat around the bush sort of way, but very nice and descriptive! Beautiful Geoff!

        08-08-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

Brilliant work!
The imagery and metaphors are beautiful as well as clever. As well-written as it is it has an entertaining, haunting and mysterious ambiance about it.



        04-26-2006     Jordan Screws        

This is a good improvement from last time, Geoff. As before, there are no noticeable errors in spelling or grammar. I like the addition of the ocean and the gambling sequences. The word choice in those meshes well with the rest of the poem. The others are right about the detail you put into the description, but it is a good thing. And asking me to comment on something is never imposing on me... it is a duty as a member of this site!

Great job and I hope you do more like this. I for one am glad you are writing here... it may sound like that sentiment is copied from Jean, but I mean it. I hope you continue to write here and with the same great quality!

Jordan of the Commenting Crusaders

        04-23-2006     James Shammas        

I agree with Jean. The attention to detail and description is exquisite, and I love the title, too. The poem is jammed full-- almost too full, and requires re-reading to fully enjoy.


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