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Embracing Cold

by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 04-12-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

When I was young
I hated the cold
I wanted to be warm
I wanted to be loved
I was afraid of the dark
I knew my future hovered in the shadows
I always glanced around, turning on lights to keep the pain away
Now it's all changed
As I've grown I've been tried to avoid my parents
Avoid getting close to anybody close to you
Don't fear the dark
Embrace it
I feared the cold
I hold it close
I keep it near me
I hated the wind and the rain
Now I hope for my sorrows to be blown and washed away
Don't get close if they're too near
You'll be trapped with them every day
They'll only keep casting chains over your wings
Broken wings
They'll hold you back, they'll watch you, they'll listen to you
You won't be able to break away
You can't get too close
You can't speak
They'll only turn around and hurt you
It's my life
Is it yours?
I've learned to embrace my fears
And make them my powers
Make them my shields
Against this uncaring world
I've learned a lot
And the most important thing is:
Embrace the cold
Embrace the darkness
Embrace nothingness
Embrace fears

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        05-01-2006     Richard Reed Jr        


Embrace the cold
Embrace the darkness
Embrace nothingness
Embrace fears

Yes, it''s most definitely your life, you have the right. The cold, darkness, nothingness, fears
are all embraced by the warmth, the light, fullness, and confidence, therefore they neutralize each other and neither exists.

Another well-written philosophical masterpiece.

Good Work

Ricky of the UN-commenting heretics

        04-20-2006     Jessica Peters        

This is pretty good, but remember that, no matter what you do or where you go in life, everyone gets hurt sometimes. And sometimes people can make you feel better too, not everybody will always hold you back; in fact, noone has the power to do that. You are the only one who can hold you back. But very good *claps* ^^

        04-18-2006     Haley Robinson        

Looks like I get to take the first comment! YAY!

Wow! This is REALLY good. Kinda dark too. I think what got me liking this poem was the fact that it didn't rhyme, but it still had a rhythm. It also seemed to show fear. And what you were and what you have become. I believe that people should embrace there fears, and not run away. But, I think that the world, though, I must agree a lot of people are uncaring, that there are some people out there that care, and want to care. Fear seems to not let us see what is before us. Trusting the world is hard. Believe me, I've thought the world's turned it's back on ME one too many times, but still forgiveness has to come eventually.

Anyway, about the parent thing, maybe you should try to talk to your parents and discuss your thoughts. I probably sound like a shrink or something, but I really think that talking to parents can solve a lot of things.

Anyway, the poem rocked! It showed hard times and the past and now. I think that's what I like about the poem. Knowing that there are people that have to go through dificult times, too.

Great Job!

Your fellow comment crusader,

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