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Firebird 4

by Tigran Israelyan (Age: 51)
copyright 04-17-2006

Age Rating: 18 +
Firebird 4


Another mystery is flashing an owl,
Which is warming my spirit, my soul:
“From the smell of rose awakening
Deep silence one morning,
And smelt fresh air silent
And trilled with crystal dialect”.

A pure source flowing from stones
Accompanying blessings of cherubs,
Unison, in archangelic tones,
The lake is sorrowing,
An anonymous brook
Painting miniatures as in book,
Soon is sunshine, soon is spring.

The oak – in the middle of the glade
With silence contemplating
In the deep meaning to be glad,
Looking at the high mountain,
This song can whole world contain,
The silence is prayering.

© Copyright Tigran Israelyan

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