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Gallant Dream, Glow More (Answer To A Challenge)

by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 47)
copyright 04-23-2006

Age Rating: 4 +

Ever satisfied with what she's got, never more,
Never dreamed of dreaming of more ever before,
Sitting by the fire's gentle warming glow,
Refusing to wallow in self pity and bitter woe,
Using instead, the moment to sit and dream,
Bathed in the radiant glow of stars as they gleam,
And warmed by the fire embers as they chant,
Embraced by a vision so virtuous and gallant

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        09-28-2006     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

David: I was shaking in my BOOTS! And for good reason, as you see, I did not win. But 'twas not for naught... for the opportunity to compete with you was a joy. And using all those words was DEFINITELY difficult!

Tigran: Thank you. I am glad you consider me a poet!

Kat: Yes, it WAS a fun challenge and although I don't always have time to enter them... I do when I can!

Regina: In the challenge this was written for, I had to use all the words in the list, and so forth. This met all the requirements and yet... if I managed to still be "very poetic" then it was a double accomplishment for contest entries can, at times, seem forced as they they attempt to jump every hurdle and meet every requirement.

The summation is as follows: A woman used to be satisfied with everything that came her way... but not anymore. She used to simply accept what life handed her, but now she's opened her eyes to the possibilities that lay before her and is determined to get what she wants now that she's discovered what it is she wants.

Although her world came burning down around her... although she gave until she thought she'd no more to give, she refuses to wallow in the ashes, she will NOT sit and ask "Why me" or contemplate on all she hasn't had for so long or wonder why she never bothered to "want more" than she did, now seeing it was so attainable for those who simply reached out.

So, as the embers glow, she dares to dream, warmed by the fire, and as she pulls herself away from the minute things of present, she looks upward and realizes the bigger picture as she gazes at the stars... she is now determined to get more from life, live more, give more, BE more! I hope that made sense and that this thought is now apparent when reading the poem.

Richard: How DO YOU see me and what I mean so oft' within the lines of my poetry? Sometimes I try to cleverly conceal it, and at others it's a byproduct of too many words... but each time... you see it. Bravo!

        09-27-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

What is enlightenment
-all that you do everyday,
What is love
-giving your all away

Another wonderful and sooo dreamy piece.
To the First Lady of PnP.


        05-07-2006     Regina Pate        

doesn't make much sense to me, but very poetic indeed, Great write, good job, thanks,


        04-27-2006     Kat Voletto        

Oh my, this does look to be a good game indeed! Best of luck to you as well... this is going to be an interesting contest and a tough call on Deone's part! I'm glad this isn't my contest... partly because I had so much fun writing the poem. ^_^ Salut!


        04-26-2006     Tigran Israelyan        

Poetry must be creation of satisfied
person, that can satisfy much-more people.
We are first swallows of this Golden Age,
In worldwide literature we are opening new page:
We You and I members such a Community,
Which will give our works to next generations, to eternity.

        04-25-2006     David Pekrul        

A nice peaceful setting, and yet you used every word in the challenge. Good luck in the contest. I finally get to be a rival of yours this time.

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