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Bring On The Rain

by Kimberly Murphy (Age: 29)
copyright 04-24-2006

Age Rating: 13 +
Bring On The Rain
Picture Credits: By Robert Betts

The rain pours over my eyes like a water fall,
No one can hear my call.

The sorrow that I contain,
Bring on the rain.

The knife that cuts my heart,
As I try to grab my life that is falling apart.

It's unbearable memories I have as I feel the pain,
Bring on the rain.

The deep throbbing of uncertainty runs through my mind,
Happiness I cannot find.

My broken poisonous life runs through my vein,
Bring on the rain.

So much loneliness inside to harsh to keep,
So tired of being hurt, ready for some sleep.

My life was in vain,
Bring on the rain.

Now I live in the light,
It is no longer night.

No more pain,
For someone has brought on the rain.

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        05-21-2006     Irina Guschina        

Your poem is what I call TRUE POETRY!
Excellent work! I like it so very much!
Thank you for this great gift!

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