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Heavenís Gate (A Nonet)

by David Pekrul
copyright 04-27-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

Heavenís gate is forever open,
Calling those who seek after God,
Father, Son, Holy Spirit,
Wanting us to come home,
To live with Him there,
No longer lost,

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        07-10-2006     Jessica Peters        

Hey you do have one with the same title as mine! Lol, well they're pretty different, to some extent. Really great, it sends out an awesome message.

        04-29-2006     Deone Wiley        

This is truly a nonet. I really like that you are expanding into poetry forms new to you. And you seem to do a much better write when you are forced into a pattern. Nonets optionally rhyme with the extra rhyme somewhere. I like the form in which the last word rhymes with the first line. The other rhyming is in couplet form. The theme here is great and handled well. Good job!

        04-28-2006     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

I like your work, and I love the topic... of course! :-)

What exactly IS a Nonet? I always love trying my hand at a new (to me) form of poetry. :-)

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