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Friends til' the end

by Alma Hulbert (Age: 24)
copyright 05-04-2006

Age Rating: 4 +

We're buddies,
no matter what they say.
We're buddies,
we'll have it our way.
You can't buy it,
you can't sell it,
you have to earn it.

Buddies til' the end,
yeah, that's what I said.
Friends through thick and thin,
calling them your kin.
Buddies all the way,
let's find another friend today.

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        05-14-2007     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

I liked your ideas in this piece, but I didn't feel that although the ideas and sentiments are very true, I didn't feel like it left much of an imprint on me. Friendship is something important in all our lives, there are people that we call 'friends' that are more of acquaintances that you can't completely trust, and drift away from and there are friends that stick together though thick and thin, trust each other completely, can admit defeat and apologize if they get into a disagreement, which are true friends. Friendship is something that's easier controlled than love, and what made me think of that is the "You can't but it, you can't sell it" part in this piece, because I always thing to myself about marriage, "You can't buy the best things with money, but you can lose them without it." The story of my, with all this rambling and my dissection of this poem I think it's made an imprint on me! I'm fickle, don't you think? Good work, keep writing!

Oh, no errors in site and you know me and capitalization so I won't get into'd only be repetitive and insulting.

Leigh of the Commenting Community

        01-10-2007     Chessie Hodge        

This is a cute poem! Friends make the world go 'round! This explains friendship well. It's written simply and effectively. Good work!!

        12-21-2006     Kevin (Buddy) Ales        

Another good work, Alma! The flow was excellent and I really love the theme which is very true, I feel. Great work and keep on writing!

        07-07-2006     Tammy Frascona        

so so ture, Alma. You hit the nail on the head with this one. Some people take friend-ships for granted but not you, Awesome poem girlie

        05-11-2006     Shannon Walter        

This is very cute. What would we do with out friends? Friends keep us going to the end.

Keep up the good work,

        05-08-2006     Jessica Peters        

Great job! This was an excellent example of what friendship is! This is explained magnificently, and it had a good flow and rythm, too. Great job keep it up!

        05-06-2006     Jordan Screws        

Pretty good poem here. It expresses the all-too-true fact of friendship: true friendship cannot be bought or sold, but rather earned through mutual trust. No grammar or spelling mistakes that I can see. The length is just right for the idea you are writing about, so no real problem there. Keep up the good work!

Jordan of the Commenting Crusaders

        05-05-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

hi Alma,

I love your writing style, Nice and smooth and very good rhymes.

Keep up the good work,


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