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Strange Dreams, Chapter 5

by Kat Voletto (Age: 32)
copyright 05-06-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

Charging up the stairs like her feet were on fire, Usagi ran blindly through the pain in her legs. With a soft cough she landed on the top step and stood, slowly regaining her composure. With a hiss the creature ignored her and continued to pull the glowing center out of Rei's chest.

"So close," the red-headed woman said. "Come on Daimohn, faster!" She tapped her foot impatiently on the tree branch and grunted unhappily.

"Shhhhhe issss, ssssstrong..." the creature hissed angrily, acting like it was trying to pull something out of her chest.

"Stop right there!" Sailor Moon stood at the top of the stairs, the rest of her senshi out of breath but flanking her dutifully.

I watched silently from another tree in the courtyard, waiting for my cue. A dream had awoken me in a cold sweat, but I knew what I had to do. I knew that I was waiting for something important to appear, and that from now on I had to keep myself hidden as much as possible from the others, because they would try to stop me. There was only one way to keep Michiru safe, and this was it. Find the talismans, get the grail. I crouched lower in the tree. No matter what, it was for Michiru. For Michiru, who would get well and be at my side soon. What a strange dream it had been, as if a voice from the darkness had wrapped around my mind and revealed all of these secrets to me while I slumbered. I shivered as I remembered the screams and the battles. I was glad to be awake.

Sailor Moon and he buddies were fighting it out with the monster now, Rei still pinned helplessly and unconscious against the tree. I sighed softly and jumped down, charging another bolt in my hand. The monster had just jumped on Sailor Moon and chomped on her brooch, causing her to detransform.

"Weakling," I said bitterly to myself. Slamming my fist into the ground a safe distance away so that the other girls wouldn't see me, I called out, "World, Shaking!" and smiled languidly as the monster evaporated, screaming something that sounded like "Kaorinaito!". I jumped down and grabbed the crystal. It was not a talisman. I could tell that by the way it shimmered, and that it remained in it's original form. If it was a talisman, it would have changed shape by now. Into what, I was still unsure. "Drat," I said softly, and tossed the crystal to Sailor Moon, who was now on the ground next to Rei and crying. I stayed in the shadows as much as possible and jumped away. As soon as I was clear of the temple I detransformed and trudged home. This was going to be harder and take longer than I thought, but for Michiru, it was worth it.


I went back to the hospital to see Michi a few days later. She was alone, and sitting up.

"I'll be discharged soon," she said to me in a soft and melodious voice. I nodded my head. She couldn't stay in the hospital forever, and she had made a full recovery from the attack. Taking her hand firmly in mine I kissed her fingers and smiled down on her in wonder and love. She smiled back and pulled my hand close to rub against her face. I sighed softly and leaned over, pulling her into my arms, to just hold her for a while. She snuggled close and moaned softly, finding a perfect harbor in my arms. I closed my eyes and breathed in her scent, the raw saltiness of it reminding me very distinctly of a calm shore. I wanted to keep her in that calm shore forever; I just wanted to always love her and protect her. Deep down I knew that these hopes were in vain, for the trials we were about to face we had to face together, and it was going to be dangerous. Probably even deadly. Had this been what the "P" person had been speaking of?

I pulled away hesitantly and stroked Michiru's rich black hair. She smiled even more warmly than before, and looked into my eyes with an unspoken dare. I took a deep breath, hesitated, and dived into the endlessness I had felt myself on the verge of for days. I pressed my lips to hers in a soft and lingering kiss, afraid and exhilarated all that the same time.

I leaned down for another hug, then turned to the window. The sky outside was a brilliant blue with only a splash of cloud here and there. I wanted to fly into that blueness, but I felt too tied to that room and the girl in the bed beside me.

"Keep in touch," I said softly, heading towards the door. "If you ever need anything, just call." She bowed her head and smiled at me magnificently once more before I hesitantly backed out the door.

"You do feel it, do you not?" The "P" woman was waiting for me out in the hall. I got into a defensive stance, but she waved me off, indicating that she wished me no harm. I backed down a little, but still kept my guard up.

"I feel something, Stranger, but I'm not sure what it is."

"Your destinies are tied Haruka." I bit back a swear. How did she know my name? "You two are star-crossed... fated forever to be Sky King and Sea Queen. And destiny... has not been kind to you both, and that does not seem to be changing." She wore a puzzled look as she wandered down the hallway towards the exit. "Soon she will join you," she said softly. Could Michiru change too, into a Sailor... whatever? Is that what this tall and spooky woman meant? She turned sharply then to face me with a loud and resounding clack of her heels. I then began to fear if she could read my mind. I just knew she wasn't going to like what she saw if she stayed in there.

"Come to the park with her in one week and I will reveal more. You and she, alone, midnight at the fountain near where you first touched Michiru." I nodded, remembering the park and fountain she spoke of. With a shiver I vividly recalled the events of that day, and the monster that had attacked Michi. Had this woman sent her? Was she trying to control my fate? I quickly shook my head. Nah, the only person in charge of the destiny of Haruka Tenoh was HARUKA TENOH. Her voice broke me from my self-assuring speech. "One week from today Tenoh-san, and do NOT be late."

She walked a few feet ahead of me, and suddenly the air became cold and suffused with electrical energy. I could feel sparks dancing over my skin as remarkably, without a sound, the "P" woman disappeared in a purple and white flash.

"This just keeps getting creepier and creepier!" I said to myself softly.

"Yes, it does, doesn't it?" A soft voice said behind me. I spun quickly to find no one behind me at all. Not even a trace of another presence. I shivered again and walked forward 3 steps before a scream outside caught my attention. I was down the hall and stairs faster than a blink.

The first thing I saw as I cleared the entrance way was someone in scrubs in the clutches of a very ugly dragon-like creature. I ran around the corner and shouted to the power of the planet Uranus to aid me. Fluffing my now blond hair off my forehead, I rounded the corner in time to see the Red Woman from last time (Kaorinaito?) take a seat on a low wall that divided off the parking lot and emergency entrance. I was about to call out to the monster when I saw Jupiter jump out from behind a tree and throw a flimsy lightning... spark... at it. Fighting a laugh, I found a ledge to jump to stand over everything for surveillance. The light of the woman's heart crystal was near blinding as it escaped the prison of her body. I stood up to attack when Venus jumped into view and tried to take the monster out with a string of lighted hearts. Oh, please. Spare me. Preparing yet again to attack, now frustrated, I heard a door slide open behind me. Apparently the ledge I had chosen was part of a long balcony that connected a series of sliding glass doors from different waiting areas. A woman walked out of the door closest to me, her shining turquoise hair falling in soft waves around her angelic face. Those eyes... no... it couldn't be, could it? She approached me and smiled.

"Uranus... I remember... everything." My jaw dropped. What did she say? How did she... whoa. Yeah, it had to be her! The woman garbed just like myself and the other Sailors except in green-blue with royal blue accessories, was floating in a void above the ledge, a large blue ball forming in her hands. "Neptune, Deep Submerge!" A giant wave flew forth from her, the water roaring and pulsing with energy as it crashed into the monster, turning it into a pile of sparkles.

I turned to look at Michi in awe. She just flicked a sweet smile back to me and hopped down the side of the building to the floating crystal. She looked up at me, shook her head and chucked it at Venus' face. I hopped down to where she was, in the shadows, and said softly, "Let's go." She gave a quick nod and we darted off together.

We slowed to a stop several blocks away. I stopped, detransformed and Neptune did the same. It was Michiru. I pulled her into my arms and hugged her tight. "I should be getting back... they'll notice I'm gone very soon." I nodded and kissed her soundly on the forehead before quickly telling her that I loved her and about what the P woman said about meeting. She said she would meet me at my house before-hand, and we could get something to eat before we left for the fountain. She swore she would call and gave me another quick hug before charging back to the hospital. I scratched my head in confusion, shrugged and headed back to the hospital to get my bike and head home to mull all of this over.

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        05-16-2006     Mehrina Asif        

EEEHH!!!! Finally! CHAPTER FIVE! I thought it was great, especially with Pluto's normal mystic behaviour! And the Sky King and Sea Queen? TOO COOL!!!! I have to say, the little voice that says, "Yes, it does, doesn't it?". Who said that? PLEASE tell me!

All in all, that was a great addition! So... when's chapter 6 coming?? :D

        05-07-2006     Sean Snyder        

A little rushed but it came together nicely in the second half. Good to see that Uranus has a personality in Sailor form, trying not to laugh at Jupiter and Venus, I LOVE IT! XD

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