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by BJ Niktabe (Age: 59)
copyright 05-06-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

Why do you treat me the way that you do?
Is it that I am that different from you?
Your actions are cruel, they tear at my heart.
You think you are better, you think you're so smart.
You're just another kid, no better or worse,
But your turning my teen years into a curse.
I never did anything to make you hate me,
So why do you have to be such a bully?
Is your life so bad, are you that insecure
That you must be the cause of the pain I endure?
You're not going to win for I will survive.
Each day I grow stronger, and soon I will thrive.
I'll pray for your soul, ask God to forgive you
For you're just a kid, you know not what you do.
I hope that someday you'll look back on these years
And realize why you were so full of fears
That you had to strike out and hurt someone else.
I know that you'll end up just hurting yourself.
But me, you're making me stronger each day,
Learning to live with the hurt and the pain.
I'm learning to treat others like I want to be treated.
Just because I was, they don't have to be cheated
Of happiness, dignity, caring and more.
I won't be someone that others abhor.
I'll be a good friend, I'll always be there
Whenever a person needs someone who cares.

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        08-29-2015     Mike Farr        

Hello BJ Niktabe,


I have been bullied, and I have bullied others myself; it is the humanís way to produce strong men and women in a harsh world of things go wrong, survival of the fittest so to speak.

You said it yourself, in your nineteenth line,

But me, youíre making me stronger each day,

And that my friend is a good thing,

Not all bulling is bad, but if it persist and does not mellow out, put up your dukes, for as my dad always said, there are a lot worst things in life then a black eye.

And this I know, I have had my share of them.

        12-04-2013     hyenalover19        

Wow this piece really hit home, growing up as a teenager I experienced all sorts of bullying, to put this into a poem, it made me feel like that if I were to ever bully, it shoe's what true nature they are. They are for sure just insecure, no one knows why they beat up or tease the weaker. But in some cases they don't realize they are only making that person just as powerful, and willing to treat people better then they were ever treated. Great Write.

        11-27-2008     Arthur G. Finch        

BJ, your growing up days seem to have been ones of fear and desperation, knowing that the Bully was just a breath away.

Your poem was sensational and I loved the rhymes and strong images, and the language and rhythm.

I wish you had broken it up into verses or stanzas to make it easier to read. Nevertheless, it was a great write

        03-25-2007     Richard Reed Jr        

Turning a negative into a positive. Always a good theme. -learning wisdom and growing stronger from our challenges, and only you and a handful of others could have said it so well.

Good work.


        05-13-2006     Roger Crique        

Bullies are a constant problem in many schools. It is a test that most of us need to pass, but do not need to be exposed to. I think this subject needed to be treated with a bit more passion, feeling sorry for the bully and praying for him is a noble idea, but takes away from the fire and passion that this poem should, because of its theme, contain. I also suggest the following: Use question marks at the end of your questions and whenever possible, separate your work into stanzas. Stanzas make it easier for the reader to read and improves the fluidity of your work. I don't know if you're new to the site, but if you are, welcome to PnP!

        05-12-2006     Shannon Walter        

People can be so mean, I know, I'm one of them. (sadly)If you want to know more about me and my meaniness check out my story, it's called "I can be so nice... yet so mean" I'm usually nice to pretty much everyone. I'm kinda short temped, but When I get mad it's nothing serious.
Good write!

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