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We, as God's People

by Jessica Peters (Age: 24)
copyright 05-08-2006

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We, as God's people
We carry a plan
We, as God's people
Are all of one clan

In His eyes we're the same
We are weak and put to shame
In His eyes
We are sinners

We are selfish
We think about ourselves
God sees us
He sees us turn away

Yet we carry this plan
That's yet to unfold
And He calls us His people
Even though we're just human

We, as God's people
We carry a plan
We, as God's people
Are all of one clan

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        10-08-2013     Regina Lehman        

Excellent poem well written..We, as God's people
Are all of one clan..yes,we are all God's people put on this earth to serve others and show kindness just as Jesus would do without putting any kind of judgement on others..

        03-05-2008     Eric Gasparich        

Ah, I like this, for several reasons. Most important is this. This is the essence of Christianity: the ecclesia, or "the called out ones," those called from among the nations, a royal priesthood, a singular (peculiar) people. It intrigues me how incompletely so many Christians grasp this. Every one is called to recapitulate the spiritual journey of Abraham. Christ calls us to leave our tribe which ultimately will disappear, and join, in the spirit, an eternal people looking for an eternal city whose maker and builder is God.

Good poem, in content. The rhyming scheme, yes, could use a little work. That will come with time and further meditation.

        03-15-2007     Jackie Edwards        

I like it. ^^ Good job.

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