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by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 05-09-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

Completely empty;
Devoid of emotion
Drained and tired of life
Sickened by the similarities of each day going by
Each day that passes without anything to show for
Nobody to listen,
Nobody that wants to listen,
A world of cold hands
Repeated forlorn words of frustration
An empty shell devoid of emotions
That is what I have been reduced to
No hopes nor lights to guide me through the darkness
No fond memories to hold close in times of pain
No goals to look forward to
A life of shattered glass
Shattered by the two people who stared this life
This futile life, where nothing can happen
Reduced to an empty shell, I sink deeper into the darkness...
Knowing that nobody reads these words,
Knowing that nothing I do makes a difference
Knowing the meaning of being alone

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        11-30-2009     Frank Fields        

Indeed! This work has captured the very essence of not only loneliness, but also how dependent we become, as human beings, on those around us for a measure of our well-being, if not happiness.

It also tells the tragic story too often known by young people whose lives have been damaged because of the separation and disengagement of parents, for example.

Richard's advice was very good and, to my way of thinking, should be done regardless, by everyone. We may not like it but we are, after all, social creatures who are emotionally dependent on especially those we love.

Thank you for bringing this out of your library as an entry; I may have passed it by totally. And, three and a half years ago, I would have told you the same thing you're about to read. 6th line up, from the bottom. the word "stared" would read better as "started," neh? ^_~

Again, thank you.

Frank :)

        10-18-2009     Cassie Sweeney        

well this contest judging is going to be very tough! haha you both have very good poems so far!! wow lol this is a great poem and this is going to be very hard to choose a winner! =]

        08-10-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

You do know that I know what it's like, at least to be alone in me, but not to be alone in you.
I urge you to let all your friends and their love
come rushing in. Please be open and receptive to those who would help you, together we might all be less alone.

Most fondly,


        05-21-2006     Mehrina Asif        

How ignorant we are these days, able to laugh and cry without knowing that there are those who desperately need to laugh, and are now beyond tears. It truly wrung me out of my thoughts to read this and think, "And I thought I had it bad". We all do, but never do we actually open our eyes to the suffering of the so-called modern world. At least in the initial days of civilization, there was no need for medicines and doctors. No need for heart-rending thoughts that tore one's mind into pieces. Here we are now, stuck in a critical juncture, where our peace of mind lays on a delicate balance where the past and the future collide, for there is no peace of mind, and this poem, in my eyes, is living proof. If there is relief in the far-off future, then at least we have hope. Always hope; it is the one gift we were given amongst a whole army of curses. Use it to its extent, and you may succeed.

        05-15-2006     Paul Kangas        

I think a lot of people in the living world can relate to this poem. Good Write. It grabbed my attention from the beginning to end.

        05-14-2006     Jane Lee        

Woah.... This is so good! ^^ great job! I can like feel the emotion so much.

        05-13-2006     Roger Crique        

It is so painful for me to read these words! I do listen! I do read your work, my dear, Leigh! I am watching on the sidelines and praying that you find what it is you're looking for. This piece is so full of sadness and darkness, that sometimes I wonder how it is to live in someone else's body? I know my life and mine alone, for my skin is attached to my frame. But I do try to put myself in the shoes of my peers and sometimes my enemies. You have grown so much as a poet. Your words resonate with anger, passion and despair and it hurts to have to realize that there are people out there that are hurting. But I'm here for you Leigh! You can count on that! I'm listening to you and praying to God that he folds his wings upon your soul and make it whole again! I think that in one of your lines, "Shattered by the two people who stared this life," I think you meant, "started, as opposed to, stared."

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