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A Tree, Like Me

by Richard Reed Jr
copyright 05-16-2006
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 10 +

growing up in the shade
taller trees
he never had the sunshine
upon him


never grew as he should


he grew as: he would
never be king of the wood
so there he stood

ing to the smallest wind
who thread him bare
with all of the com-
of a casino pit dealer
life is like that
and even a tree knows that
decks are
are loaded

a tree
like anything else
cannot know what fate can be-


Being the only runt of the wood
he wood stand alone

until one day
and behold
he be-
the foll-

a vine of wild roses twin-
ing around hiss lean trunk
her pet-
brushed him
and so-
he ws trunk over leaves in love

for many a day she care-
ssed his smooth bark
and still he never grew
an inch except in love
with her:
he felt enchanting-
ly tall

she grew higher and tighter
around his trunk
until her thorns drew his blood
and he cried aloud-why?

she laughed at his plight
you are the runt
the others know me well enough
to know
that to love the rose
is to be stabbed by the thorns
I don't intend to be brutal
but that's the way of

all I ever really wanted
a little sunshine
and you were my way up
be grateful for that which
i gave

he bled and bled until winter
she died with the first frost
he thought it apropos

this story is true
i told it as i witnessed it
and listened to his tale
of woe

i empathized so much
i carved up and around
his trunk:

a tree

like me
cannot know what fate can be-


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        01-06-2008     Mike Gallimore        

This was great! -- not just in the very clever use of the otherwise annoying default page layout -- but in the storytelling, too. You remind us that there are no roses without thorns, as even Henry VIII found out when he married Kathryn Howard. I'd say this is the best way of saying "love hurts" since the Everly Brothers. Thanks.

        12-17-2007     Rikki Visser        

This is an amazing work of literature. The style and the form that he created is really, incredibly unique. and now I'm going to stop trying to sound intelligent. I love this poem. it is the most incredibly creative, clever, inventive, sad, true, interesting...I'm running out of adjectives, but, you get the point. the greatest work i have seen of the literary art in ages and ages!

        12-17-2007     Samantha Powers        

I see you have many comments and already so many views on this poem, haha mind sending some of those readers my way? lol i sure could use a few.
This was amazing, the formant the flow this is definiatly one of my favorites.
You are one of my favorite writers and a new piece from you is like the first day of spring all over again everything is blossoming and looks amazing the imagery is amazing
this piece however has a sad twist to it and describes how love can be so cruel yet it never stops us from loving.
This definiatly deserved its title of winning
Sammy of the CC
You are amazing

        12-10-2007     Everett (dale) Pogue        

Let's have a club meeting. Item of business: "Mr. Chairman, I move Richard Reed Jr. be henceforth now and forever be barred, disbarred
and dismissed for diss poem.It is entirely too clever, funny, sad, original, and masterful to be allowed among common poets." "he ws trunk over leaves in love" - what a line!...."decks are are loaded" too much!
Can we give sixes or sevens or eights? (How did he do that?)

        06-05-2006     Jessica Peters        

This is really good and makes people really think about a lot. I love it! You did an excellent job, keep it up!

        05-27-2006     Elisabeth Hatheway        

This poem sends out a lot of messages. I loved it! You must be a nature lover, are you not? Trees seem to be very sacred forms of life and yet man treat them as something threatening. Trees do seem to resemble people in form and structure. Nature is a part of man and man is a part of nature.

        05-21-2006     Irina Guschina        

Very interesting form of poetry! I have never seen it before... Really, well done!

        05-18-2006     James Shammas        


I really like this, and how you can experiment freely with different forms. This one, too, gets better with repeated readings, but still makes a powerful first impact. It's hard to comment on all the elements that make this a fine poem: the form, and the way it helps convey the message and the mood. William Carlos Williams would be proud.


        05-17-2006     Regina Pate        

Good Karma my friend, be good to her and she sure will be good to you. She has seen your good deed and now you are caught up in the bountious flow of the universe. The first rule to magic is input equals output. What you put in you get out. And Karma will come back around three fold. So send out positive energy and see what happens. You have begun your path of a thousands miles and you just took your first step. Great write, good job, thanks, very creative my friend,


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