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Finnegans Wake

by James Shammas (Age: 53)
copyright 05-28-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

Figure Finnegan with an apostrophe.
Find it, finger it, form it into balls;
Pinch it, flick it, force its flitting form
Down your longing throat; feel it sink
Its pointed phantom edge; find it stuck,
Tucking its tipping, tapping tippity tap.
Puncture the page, you stubborn chap!
Littered, the letter, the tanka tunk Tunc
Flinging daemons from the spit-stitched scrap.

Joyce never forgets; it's in the facts:
The spaces and sinews of the word;
From dust of dusk to early dawn;
On paper, print, inky night and stingy
Morn... It's all there (or here),
Awake in the wake of reading grace,
At the edge of the page-- the dozing edge.
Joyce never forgets.
Find your god, shallow and deep.

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        05-29-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

Again, your writing genius overwhelms me. During the first stanza I thought it was Joyce I was reading. This is one of your classics.

I stand in awe of you, my friend. I hope someday to be half as good.

Thank you for another beautiful read.


P.S. I can no longer E-mail.

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