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There was a young man from Lahaina

by Geoff Ewing
copyright 05-29-2006

Age Rating: 1 +

There was a young man from Lahaina
Who thought he could surf right to China,
But happy to say
The wave caught that day
Delivered him, oddly, to Hana.

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        06-26-2006     James Shammas        

Cute and funny.

        06-15-2006     David Pekrul        

Ah, a man after my own heart. I love Limericks and have written quite a few myself. This is well thought out and well done.

        06-11-2006     Haley Robinson        

Hey, nice limerick! Yours seemed to flow a lot. It's nice to read a well done limerick every now and then!

Great Job!

The Commenting Crusader,
~*|H|A|L|E|Y| |R.|*~

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